The Salvatore Sister

(written for the vampire diaries fanfiction competition)

What if the Salvatore brothers had a sister but they didn't know she was still alive? She doesn't know if they are alive either. What will happen when they find their way back to each other and talk about their life stories? What would happen when Stefan and Damon realize who their little sister has fallen in love with and what she has become?


7. The Favorite Brother

Hola people of the Movellas! It's the author here, I'm sorry about the last chapter it was basically a connector but this is my first Movella and I'm improving. There is gonna be more action stuff further in the Movella, comment if you have questions :)


Alexandra's POV


After school was over, I slowly walked out to my car. I have to admit, I was a little nervous to see Damon again. What if he had changed? What if he didn't like who I had changed into? But mostly, I was excited to see him again. As I approached my car, I saw Stefan standing a few cars over. He waved to me, and I walked up to him.

"Hey. What's up?" I asked.

"Follow me to the boarding house in your car. I'll see you there. And don't be nervous."

"I'm not nervous." I lied. "Now let's get going. I can't wait to see my favorite brother again." I said, winking at him. Stefan laughed then gave me a hug and kiss on the forehead, then got in his car.

I sped over to my car and then followed him to the boarding house. It looked exactly the same as the last time I saw it, a few years ago when I came to visit their "graves." I had never been in it, but I had drove past.

I pulled up next to Stefan. We both climbed out.

"Wait outside." Stefan said. "I'll see what kind of state he's in, then when I say 'Come in', you come in and surprise him. Okay?" he said, grinning with anticipation at surprising our older brother. I giggled.

"Okay. Let's do this!" I replied. Stefan headed in and I listened in.

"Damon?" Stefan called.

"In the living room." Damon called back, setting something down. Alcohol? Stefan walked in.

"So, who is this mighty ripper that you know? Do you both go to RA?" Damon said. Stefan and chuckled.

"You'll find out." Stefan replied.


I could imagine Damon's eyebrows going up.

"Of course I will. " Damon said sarcastically.

"I think it might be better if I just 'introduced' you. Come in!" Stefan called. I took a deep breath, than walked through the door, and towards where I could hear their breaths - must be the living room. I walked in with a huge smile on my face.

"Hello Brother." I said, grinning like an idiot. Damon looked almost the same as he had when I last saw him - well except for the clothing. And his hair was a little shorter. I looked at him and saw his jaw drop, and tears start to form in his eyes. He vamp-sped over to me, and looked down at me.

"Alexandra?" he whispered, and slowly brought his hand up to touch my face, as if making sure I was real. My tears started falling and I wrapped my arms around his neck, and snuggled my head into his shoulder.

"Damon." I sighed, as both of our tears spilled over. He wrapped his arms around me and crushed me to his chest.

"But... how.. I mean...what..." he stammered as he released me.

"I thought the same thing when I saw Stefan. But you guys were easy to figure out. It was pretty obvious that Katherine must have been slipping you her blood." I said.

"Yeah, pretty much. But how did you become a vampire?" he asked. I grimaced.

"Well, it's a long story."

"We have all the time in the world." he said, grinning. I sighed and walked over to the couch.

"Ok, but you guys better sit down, and get comfortable. Oh, and no interrupting. I hate it when people interrupt me. So sit and be quiet. Hold all your questions until the end." I said, settling in. 
They both looked at each other and grinned. They settled down across from me, and looked at me expectantly. I sighed and began.

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