The Salvatore Sister

(written for the vampire diaries fanfiction competition)

What if the Salvatore brothers had a sister but they didn't know she was still alive? She doesn't know if they are alive either. What will happen when they find their way back to each other and talk about their life stories? What would happen when Stefan and Damon realize who their little sister has fallen in love with and what she has become?


16. Thank You

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Elena's POV


I had just walked out of the Grille at closing time, when I show two people disappearing into the alley. I crept towards it and peeked down the alley. What I say next horrified me.


There stood Alexandra and some guy, each with a body in their arms. There was a pile of drained bodies, some with their heads detached, lying at the back of the alley behind them. There was a puddle of blood underneath each of them, and several more people standing by, looking afraid, but unable to move - probably compelled to stay there and be quiet.


It was a horribly gruesome scene - one that I couldn't believe was happening in Mystic Falls, let alone next to the Grille, and involving Stefan and Damon's sister.


Suddenly, the man looked up and grinned.


"We have company, Alex." he said, blood dripping from his mouth. Alexandra detached her fangs from the neck of her victim and turned her head. When she saw me, she dropped the body in her hands, and stared at me.


"Elena." she choked out, blood running down her chin. I just stared at her. The man sighed.


"So this is my brothers doppelganger?" he questioned. Alex nodded, never taking her eyed off me.


Suddenly, the man was right in front of me.


"Hello, sweetheart." he said. "Allow me to introduce myself. Kol Mikealson." He smirked and took my hand and kissed it, leaving blood on my hand. I cringed and took a step back.


"You''re Klaus' brother?" I stammered.


"Yes, love." he replied, grinning at me


"Kol, don't hurt her. Please." Alex said, finally standing up and coming to Kol's side.


"Both of my brothers, and your brother, care about her - well, in your brothers case, he sees her as a blood bag. No offense." she said, turning to me. I just glared. She couldn't expect me to be friendly after what I had just witnessed. She sighed and turned to me.


"Look, Elena. I just found out my brothers are alive after 150 years, my best friend is awake after close to a century, and I am going to try to control my ripper side. I just wanted to go on one last spree with my best friend before giving it up." she said, a hint of guilt in her eyes.


"Is that supposed to make this okay?" I said, motioning to the stack of dead bodies. She looked over her shoulder and cringed.


"Look, I don't expect you to understand..." she began. Kol groaned.


"Of course not, sweetheart." he said, looking at Alexandra. I could see the friendship and love in his eyes when he looked at her, even though he was being a cocky, arrogant Original vampire. "She's human, and a very moral one at that. How could she possibly understand you being a ripper, and enjoying the rush of fresh blood?" he said. She sighed and turned to him, glancing at me again.


"Kol, I appreciate the support, but could you please let me talk to Elena alone? Why don't you clean up our mess, and let the other people go home?" she said. He looked at her incredulously, and was about to protest when she sent him a look. I couldn't read it, but apparently he could, because without another sound, he walked down the alleyway, and started talking to the people standing against the wall.


One by one, they slowly started filing past, most looking like they were going to run once out of sight. I felt pity for them, and saw Alex with a hint of the same in her eyes when I turned to look at her.


"Elena..." she began. "For about 150, I've been told to enjoy the kill, enjoy the blood. About 50 of those years were with Klaus and Kol, and they both encouraged it. When I left them, I had my humanity turned off. You have probably seen what that is like, seeing as you around Stefan without his humanity in his ripper state. I know you can't possibly empathize with any of this, or understand, but I hope you do not think too poorly of me, or Kol, because of what you have seen tonight."


I thought her talks was over.


"Alexandra. I can't forgive you for this, and I absolutely cannot forget this. But I am willing to try and move past this with you, for your brothers sake. I'm not sure about Kol yet, but you, I will try my best to not let this influence my thinking of you." I said.


She smiled sadly at me. I offered a small smile back.


"I won't compel you, because I know you are on vervain. Besides, I want to earn your trust. After all, my brothers love you." she said, smiling.


I shook my head, but offered no comment. I turned and started to walk away.


"Elena." Alex called softly. I turned and looked.


"Thank you." she whispered. I offered her a more genuine smile, and nodded, then walked away.



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