The Salvatore Sister

(written for the vampire diaries fanfiction competition)

What if the Salvatore brothers had a sister but they didn't know she was still alive? She doesn't know if they are alive either. What will happen when they find their way back to each other and talk about their life stories? What would happen when Stefan and Damon realize who their little sister has fallen in love with and what she has become?


10. Take Me With You

Hello readers! If you read the author's note, you would know that I got a little upset last time about comments and votes. Buuuuuuuuut, we improved and thank you for that. Please vote and comment and lets get to 2K reads this week.

Alexandra's POV

*Flashback 1864*

"It's been two weeks since Klaus came. We had grown extremely close since that first day, and we were extremely flirtatious." I thought to myself as Klaus and I strolled around the lake, hand to hand. As I was pondering all of this, Klaus pulled me to a stop and turned towards me.

"Alexandra..." he started.

"Alex." I said, correcting him. He smirked.

"Alex...these past few weeks have been some of the greatest in my long life." he continued, smiling. I smiled back, but soon his smile faded. Mine fell as well, as I knew what he was about to say.

"Alex, I must leave. I have...things that I must do... hunting Katerina, breaking my curse, and I have heard that my father is growing near." he paused, looking at me. My tears were starting to overflow. "Do not cry, dearest," he whispered, wiping my eyes.

"But, I don't want you to leave." I cried. "Klaus, I love you!" I yelled. He pulled back and looked at me.

"What?" he whispered, shocked at my confession.

"I...I love you." I whispered, looking down. He pulled my head up and looked into my eyes. When he saw the truth shining in my eyes, he crushed my lips to his. It was a kiss full of passion, anguish, and most of all, love. 


"I love you too." he whispered. I leaned my forehead against his.


"Then don't leave me." I whispered. He pulled away and looked at me.


"I must leave." he said, and my heart broke. He would still leave, even with us loving each other. Suddenly, an idea formed in my head.


"Take me with you." I said. He pulled back, shocked once again.


"What?" he whispered.


"Take me with you. I want to be with you, and if you are leaving, then I must too." I said, determined that this is what I wanted.


"Alex, it is much too dangerous for a newly turned vampire to be in my world..." he protested. I paused, thinking for a moment.


"You are the only one I have left, don't leave me like everyone else." I said my voice cracking halfway through the sentence.


He hugged me tight.


"I would never leave you my dear, never."

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