The Perfect Storm - A Criminal Minds Fanfiction

The team gets a call to go to a small town in Abilene, Texas, where an absolutely massive dump site has been discovered in the woods behind a ranch. The team is shocked at the number of victims, and the media is flooding into the town. The original profile is the same as it usually is.. male, mid forties, unemployed, fueled by rage. But the the team makes a discovery in the victimology that forces them to look at a thirty year old murder, that's still unsolved.


1. The Calm Before The Storm

At the BAU in Quantico, shaggy haired Spencer Reid was standing at the window, looking at the looming storm clouds in the distance and thinking vaguely of Maeve and how she once described the feeling of safety a storm gave her, and he tried to understand it. Over by the coffee station Rossi was sipping a cup of tea, as usual, and watching excitedly as JJ sat at her desk talking on the phone. 

Stretching her legs, Prentis put down the pen she was using to write a report and strode over to where Rossi was leaning against the counter at the coffee station. 


" Think it's a case"? He asked her without looking away from JJ. Emily looked over and saw JJ smile into the phone. "No. I think it's Will". Rossi sighed but smiled.  "Getting bored"? Emily asked Rossi as she poured herself a cup of coffee. He turned to her. " A little. We've been in a drought lately". 


"What do you mean, we just got back from a case"? Prentiss asked, looking at him. He looked at her and raised his eyebrows. "Any profiler out there could have figured out that it was a mercy killing, then connected the dots back to the local hospital. Then it was only a matter of time until they would have discovered the one nurse that was faking prescriptions and over prescribing. It was simple! Easy even. I want a challenge". 


Emily laughed inwardly. It was true. The case they had just gotten back from, four dead women in Kentucky, all killed of an overdose, was pretty easy. 


Prentiss smiled. " I think you may have just found one". She said pointing to Hotch, who had just put down his phone and rushed into JJ's office. Rossi and Prentiss looked at each other. "It must be pretty big if the call passed over JJ and went straight to Hotch". Rossi said with a hint of excitement in his voice. Hotch stood by the door to the briefing room. " We've got a case. We leave ASAP"! He announced, motioning for the team to follow him into the briefing room. 


Rossi smiled mischievously at Prentis before they filed into the briefing room behind Morgan. "Hang on a sec". Prentiss said, before ducking out of the room and walking over to the window, where Reid still stood, obviously lost in one of the conversations he and Maeve had had all those months ago. Emily touched his shoulder and he snapped his head towards her, startled. "We've got a case". She said gently. 


Reid nodded his head. He gave the storm clouds one last fleeting glance before they turned and walked towards the briefing room. 




"Okay, so three hours ago a burial ground was discovered in a large patch of woods behind a ranch in Abilene, Texas." Garcia said, her plastic kitty earring jinggling. She turned pale as the picture popped up on the screen. 


"Oh my god". At least two team members said in unison. The first picture was a birds eye view shot of a wooded area. The woods were covered with little orange flags that law enforcement used to mark where a body was found.  Orange flags dotted dips and hills and creeks and bases of trees and all around the square mile field. "There has to be at least a hundred there"! Morgan said, astonished. 


Garcia turned even paler. "A hundred and seven so far." She said timidly. 


"So far"? Rossi asked, slightly feeling guilty for asking for a challenge now. Garcia swallowed and said, without looking at the picture, "The dogs haven't layed down yet".


The team looked at each other. They all knew what that meant. There were a lot more bodies in those woods.

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