My Vampire Family Diary


3. Meeting the kids




Today is the day that the vampire meet our kids because my kids need to meet the other vampire and also they can have fun with the other vampire kids. The other vampire are going to fall in love with the kids because the take after me hahahaha. My hubby will to kill any one who try to hate on his daughter, and I will have stop him. I will have to stop any girls hating on my sons because I know Mason will make some of the girls cry with is power. Riley will try and kill them because he don't care about anyone or thing and Katrina is going to make the boys burst into flames. Jonathan the king will have all the boys feel pain if they harm or hate on Katrina hahaha that will make an awesome show to see. Me Isabella I know that I'm shy but let a boy or girl harm my kids or hubby I will find you and kill you. I will make you feel so much pain that you never feel be for. I know my family when I was live will hate me or love me but it going to be hate because I cant die or grown old like them but hey I'm happy so let me be happy ok.



love always princess of vampire 












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