Dark Secrets

Four girls, Julie, Emily, Cara and Kate, all girls who try to survive junior year at Ramond High School. But what happens when they are thrown into the mystery of Julie's sister death? And who is sending the clues? Will they ever find out if Sarah's death was an accident? Read along to find out

Pretty Little Liars inspired
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1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

Pretty eyes and Apples

Julie made her way through the hallways. The hallways of Ramond high school was full. There were still rumours going on about last summer. Julie pretended not to care.

When Julie arrived to classroom, it was empty..... Only Julie's pretty history teacher sat there. " Julie! " He said, and waved to a chair. Julie smiled. " So I would like to talk to you about your grades " Mr. Pretty Eyes looked at some papers " Sure! " Julie said, but before he could even start speaking, the bell rang. And soon the classroom wasn't empty anymore. Cara entered the room. She looked surprised at Julie. Not in a good way. And there was no other seat taken than the one next to Julie.

Cara had been one of Julie's best friend last summer. Her and Kate and Emily were besties, before the accident and the thing. Julie didn't look up the entire time. She didn't want to risk catching her ex best friend looking at each others.

The bell rang and they could finally leave the classroom. " Julie! " Mr. Jackson said ( The pretty teacher ) She came closer, and he continued " I'll send a mail to your mother about this and then I'll see you tomorrow! " Julie nodded and went to the cafeteria.

Julie sure did have a bad day! She met Emily on the way, Emily was the complete same person she was a year ago. Emily had tried talking to Julie, but stopped, knowing that Julie actually didn't care. But Kate was nowhere to be found, luckily. The day went by and Julie was on her way home on her bike.

" Hey! " Her mother said when Julie entered, Julie walked straight to the kitchen " Hello " Her mother sat down besides her " Was it a great day? " Julie nodded, and said " Can I have an apple? " Only to change the subject. Her mother handed her an apple " Mrs. Jenner called "

" And? "

" Well, she asked if you girls wanted to go to their lake house this weekend, do you? "

" Mom, Mrs. Jenner just won't listen to Kate..... We aren't friends anymore! " Her mother looked at her with a sad smile " Who is your friend, sweetie? " Julie took a bite of the apple " I have homework to do! " And then she was on her way to her room, then mother shouted " I'll tell Mrs. Jenner you are considering it! "

Julie couldn't believe that Kate's mom didn't want to stop trying. It was probably Kate who asked her to do it.

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