2. Off for 4 Months

I got up to Zayn yelling "Pillowtalk is in number one"

I got up and took a shower and straightened my hair. I put on my crop top black jeans and black high top converse. I got my phone from the charger. I had 8 messages from Niall

Texts from Niall



I wish you were mine


Give me a chance

I love you


Plz give me chance

He did that everyday. He had a crush on me since Zayn let me meet the band. I didn't have the same feelings for him I liked Someone from 5 seconds of summer.

I went downstairs Zayn got up. "Hey ready for the day we planned"

"Yeh". I went to the glass bowl and got my keys. I opened the door to the garage. I saw my Black Dodge Challenger. Me and Zayn got in. I turned on the engine and pressed the button that opened the garage door. I slowly got out. "I forgot to tell you congrats on number 1". "Thanks sis".

I turned the radio on and stopped when I heard 5 seconds of summer they were playing She looks so perfect. They were my favorite band when Zayn told me they were touring with them I begged Zayn if I could go on tour with them. I was on tour for a year it was fun 5 seconds of summer were so funny and cute. But the cutest one was Calum. He always made me laugh.

"You still like them". " Yes I do it's 2015 there the most awesome band".

Only if Calum knew the feelings I had for him.

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