3. Meeting the special Guests

Zayn told me we were having Guests live with us for 2 months. We won't meet the guests till we go to the club. I wonder who it will be.

We got home 2 hours ago. I was getting ready for the club when I got a text from Ashton. He was like my best friend

Text from Ashton

Hey friend haven't talk to you in ages - Ash

Ages as for 2 Days - Jess

Yeh wyd - Ash

Nun getting ready to go to the club with Zayn- Jess

Same thing I'm going out with the boys- ash

Gotta go Zayn and I are about to leave- Jess

K Text you tomorrow- Ash

( Conversation Ends )

I haven't seen Ashton in 3 months they have been on tour. I finished getting dressed and went downstairs. Zayn was there he was wearing a white shirt with black cut skinny jeans and black combat boots. I was wearing a Green day muscle shirt with Black short shorts with my black high top converse. Our driver Jaxon was driving us to the Club named 5 stars. I was on my phone when I got a text from Liam.

Text from Liam

Hey how are you- Li 😝😝

Great how r u - Jess

He didn't text back. We got at the club 15 minutes later. There were a lot of Celebrities there Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Cameron Dallas, Demi lovato, Taylor swift and more. We got in the club. Zayn took me to the V.I.P section. Kylie Jenner was there. She sat next to me. She started talking to me.

" Hey can I ask you a question" She said.

" Sure" I said

" well since you model me and Kendall decided if you would like to model for our Clothing line" She said.

"OMG yes I would love to" I said

" I'll text you the details tomorrow" she said and she walked away.

Zayn went to go get me something to drink since I couldn't get the drinks cause I'm under age. I heard someone talk to me it was a Male voice I recognized that voice then I hear a giggle I recognized that giggle from anywhere.

"Hey Calum lover" is what I heard then I knew who it was. It was Michael. And the giggle was my best friend Ashton.I looked up my Cheeks were red when Michael said that.

"What did you just say Michael" I said

" Please don't beat me up I'm sorry" Michael said

" I let you off easy this time" I said

Then I saw Zayn bring the drinks 2 Coranas and 6 shots

" Hey bro I'm not drinking 6 shots " I said.

" Two are for me and you and the rest are for the guys" he said

Then two other guys came it was Luke and Calum.

" Hey guys" Zayn said

They all said hi back

" Jessica this our the guys who are going to be staying with us for 2 months" Zayn said

I smiled and drank my beer. I'm going to be under the same roof of the boy I like. I'm so fucked.

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