1. About me

Hi I'm Jessica Nicki Malik. You may know my big brother Zayn the one every one direction fan hates it's not his fault they didn't let him write what he wanted. I'm his little sister born October 21, 1996. I'm 3 years younger than him. We're the 2 famous siblings. Me and Zayn are huge celebrities he's a Singer, I'm a Singer and model. We're always together cause we tour together. When I model for Aeropostale,Forever 21,Hot topic and other stores me and Zayn take 4 pictures together. 2 of them the company post and 2 we keep. But when it's for like a Victoria secret we don't. Zayn and I had the best life's except when our parents divorced my mom didn't want us so dad to custody. They divorced when Zayn was 13 and I was 10. That's why Zayn wanted to get on the X factor and become famous. I wanted to model my whole life cause I always took pictures and I always posed. Then I started singing when Zayn told me to sing a song of his when he was getting ready for the X factor and he said I was a natural so I started writing my own songs and Zayn helped me. Being famous siblings and Celebrities is My life

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