The other side

One girl. one shot to find out the truth, on chance before the end.


2. II

Blurs caught my eye, back and forth little shadows scurried. I assumed this was either hospital or heaven. I was lying on a bed, my hands tightly pulled to my sides with metal shackles. What seemed to be IV drips were attached to my ankles, accept the liquid wasn't clear. It was blood - my blood.

By this time I knew I wasn't in heaven. I looked frantically for nurses and surgeons but there was no such person. Instead I saw strange human like creatures that were unknown to Earth. Maybe I wasn't on Earth. I clearly wasn't in hospital.

I called out but nobody registered my voice. I looked again to my sides and saw humans in similar situations to myself. We all had wires surgically attached to our skulls and our brains were visible.  Eventually a creature came over and noticed I had come round. They pulled off my wires which resulted in no pain at all. I was dead.

I was dragged along a thin corridor with blood spurting from my open wound in my ankle. A large door opened and I was kicked down the stairs at the entrance before the door shut and i was plunged into darkness.

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