Loved Him Once, Love Him Again

Love is a treacherous thing,
It is not normal.
One minute you feel alive,
Complete bliss.
Then the next you're completely drained,
Lifeless even.
To the point where you'll never know if you can ever really love again.

Love has no humanity,
It's a thief that takes your breath away.
Leaving you with having to ration air with someone else.

'They said I'd never find love but,
I found it when I least expected it.

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1. Introduction

This book is based on my dreams and my endless thoughts of love. Since I'm a hopeless romantic...

A teenage love story.

This book may contain language. No graphic content though.

I will update this book everyday, if not every week!

I started writing this when i was 13 years old so, keep that in mind. I am still learning and experimenting with the beauty of literature.

I hope you enjoy xx Check out the full story on my Wattpad: DeadDaisyLove

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