Loved Him Once, Love Him Again

Love is a treacherous thing,
It is not normal.
One minute you feel alive,
Complete bliss.
Then the next you're completely drained,
Lifeless even.
To the point where you'll never know if you can ever really love again.

Love has no humanity,
It's a thief that takes your breath away.
Leaving you with having to ration air with someone else.

'They said I'd never find love but,
I found it when I least expected it.

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3. Chapter 1: First Day

It goes Ding! Ding! Ding!!!! It keeps ringing in my ears. My head is spinning. My ears hurt so bad as do my back and legs.It was time to get ready for school.

I take a lovely, lush, lukewarm shower. The water sputters at first, but changes to the water of Victoria falls (A waterfall in Zimbabwe.)

I wrap my towel around my body tucking it in at the top to stop it from revealing my bare body.

I put on my lace bra and Victoria secret underwear. I spritz my favourite perfume onto my skin- 'Apple Love Bug'. I love the scent! So exotic and quite sexy, if you ask me.

I throw on my floral crop top from forever 21 and my high wasted jeans. I add on a jean jacket and combat boots. I see my bracelets so I chuck them on too.

I think I look quite decent for my first day. I then pleat my hair into a fishtail braid clipping on a pink studded bow. I love how my long brown hair has a natural slight ombrè effect.

I pack my bag with all my school essentials. Binders, pencils and more binders, and pencils...

I dash through my house doors with a breakfast bar in my hand- I am running late. I cycle to school in hopes of arriving at least 'fashionably late'.

I am riding on the edge of the road right next to the pavement. And then of course, there is a goopy pool of mud right in front of me. My bike has no grip so it slips and I fall into the mud bath. I am a disaster! It is a disaster!

I cycle the rest of the way to my new school, Miama Beach High. When I arrive the halls are buzzing full of students. I have a few gazes towards me but I just ignore them.

"Hey, do you know where the bathroom is?" I ask a random girl in desperation.

"Yeah, it's down the hall, to the left." She giggles "What happened to you?"

I ignore her question and reply with "Thanks." and give her a fake cheesy grin then run off to the bathroom. I clean myself up in the bathroom stall with toilet roll and water from the bathroom sinks. Lucky I have my P.E kit so I chuck that on.

I am so upset that I don't get to wear that outfit! Going to school in your P.E kit is NOT cool. At least mine was a graphic tee stating "Beauty isn't everything!" #swerve I know, I love it! I am wearing it with shorts and I changed into my blue vans.

We first have a school assembly. It's always weird and uncomfortable having assembly. Especially, when everyone is a complete stranger to you.

We get lectured about standards, our ambitions and how working hard should be our first priority. Blah, blah, blah. Just boring old crap, pretty much.

While the Principal yaps on and on, I look over the crowd of people but there is one person that stands out.

His hair a dirty blonde, eyes an ocean blue and his face structure was perfect just like Taylor Lautner. God, is he gorgeous!

I find myself staring at him for a while but before I can look away he catches my gaze. I quickly look away. I hope he didn't notice how long I was staring for. That would be so embarrassing! I notice a smirk on his face in the corner of my eye. It made me giggle, he seems like a fine ass guy.

Hours later, we are dismissed. I am looking for my locker, *917*, it's so hard to find in such a big school!

"Hey," I turn around to find the exact same boy who caught me looking at him and he's talking to me!

"Um, hi!" I reply, I am kind of nervous.

"Are you new around here?" He takes a step closer to me, fiddling with his shoulder bag which is brown genuine leather might I add.

"Yeah, today is my first day. I mean obviously it's my first day!" I half laugh. I was crying inside though. I just blew it.

"Oh yeah you're that girl who came to school covered in mud. Good joke." He laughs in amusement.

My mouth falls open from his rude mocking and the message on his phone with a picture of me covered in dirt. "I'm only kidding relax, I told the girl to delete the photo."

"Thanks. " I say my cheeks flushing.

"No problem, do you want me to show you to your class then?" He looked like he had hope in his eyes, his gorgeous deep blue eyes.

"Sure, that would be great I just need to find my locker first." He looks at the flimsy peace of paper I'm holding and directs me to my locker. Suprisingly, it's right next to his. Oh crud...

I open up my locker to get my things for my next lessons. Then my notebook decides to fall out and my sketches end up completely exposed.

"Oh my God." I bend down to hide my sketches before he gets a chance to see but,  It's too late- He got then before me.

"Wow!  Are these yours? " He asks, shuffling through each sketch. I say yes and I can feel blood rushing to my cheeks. He smiles then hands them over to me.

I like to sketch about my constant feelings of hurt from the possibility of my dad leaving because I was not good enough for him. As well as the feeling of un-worth from the fact that I don't reach society's expectations. My sketches also consist of my lucid dreams which are so vivid that they can tell a story. I like to analyse the meaning of my dreams by visiting the library to look up symbols and resemblances. 

He shows me to my first class, Art. "So you're an artist?" He questions. Gliding his hand across his hair.

"Yeah, I guess.  it's just a hobby really." I shrug off his somewhat complement. There's no way in hell I'd classify myself as an artist. I don't even know why I chose art for A-levels!

"You'll have to show me sometime."

"Yeah, sure," I give him a slight smile, then he smiles. I melt from the revealing of his pearly whites and his lips, a rosy pink.

"See you later then," He walks away with his hands tucked into his pockets. I like him, he seems nice.

I take a seat in my first class. "Hello, my name is Mr. Dunn, I am your art teacher for the school term!" He bellows. One hour of art with a nice teacher? Seems good!

"Hi, my name's Chelsea!" a girl cheerily notifies me.

I smile and reply, "Hey, I'm Savannah, how are you?"

"I'm great thanks!" Chelsea states. She seems like a kind person. We continue talking about ourselves through the lesson. And her drawing of a Pigeon bird is spot on. She's an amazing artist!

I end up walking out of class with Chelsea. It's like we know everything about each other, because we are so alike!

"Do you want to sit with me at lunch?" Chelsea asks. Of course I say yes, I don't really have anyone else to sit with anyway.

When it's lunch, I have to join the queue for the canteen. Even though the line was as long as the Nile river the food sure did smell good!

I pick up a tray and someone pushes into me. "Sorry!" He apologizes, yes it's him. I was hoping I wouldn't have to see him again. "It's okay." I laugh. He gives me a smile ugh why does he do that! I bet I'm drooling right now, just by looking at his face!

"Oh, I'm Brandon by the way. " He mentions. Gliding his hand through his hair once again.

"I'm Savannah." I reply as we shuffle down the line. "Do you always bump into the person in front of you?" I ask jokingly.

"No, not really." He laughs, a grin on his face. "Hey, can I have Shepard's Pie with Yorkshire pudding please," his voice is cute. I think he is from London, England. "Thanks."

"I'll have the same." I say with a smile. "Thank you!" I say bye to Brandon and go and join Chelsea.

I meet some of her friends. Stephany, a girl with tattoos and piercings. Jake, a boy with tanned skin and nerd glasses. Lastly, Leslie, a girl with curly ginger locks and tanned skin. She looks stunning.

They introduce themselves, and then tell me all about the people I should avoid. "You see that girl with purple hair, never talk to her, she tends to steal people's lunch money." Explains Chelsea. I'm glad Chelsea is telling me this otherwise I would be a screwed.

My new friends and I tell each other about our past schools. Steph mentions that she thought a guy liked her and she kissed him. She is now blushing as red as a tomato.

It turns out the guy actually liked her best friend at the time, Molly. "It was so embarrassing!" Steph laughs "I had a crazy mind back then!" She sputters. We all laugh, I feel like this is going to be a great few semesters.

After lunch I had double biology lesson. We are told where to sit. "Tiffany next to Lauren and Jacob next to Vanessa." The teacher tells us all. I was put next to... Brandon.

"Hello, again." Brandon grins.

"Hey!" I smile. I am kind of happy I get to sit with him in biology. I mean it's not everyday you get to sit next to a gorgeous boy like Brandon.

The lesson passes quickly. We basically were just settling into the class and we were told about what our lessons would consist of in the future, the rules in the lab more basic crap we learnt in primary school.

I pack my bag and head towards the door. A hand taps my shoulder and a shudder passes through my body. It's Brandon.

"Hey, so do you like the school so far?" He asks.

"Yeah, it's okay." I reply "how long have you been at this school anyway?" I wonder.

"Well, for about 2 or 3 years now. I guess you could call me a citizen." He laughs. He continues walking by my side as I collect my books from my locker.

"So I'll see you later then, Savannah." As he walks off, slouching slightly with his hands hidden in his pockets, I say bye. He looks back and nods.

"I see you have met Mr. Hot ass, then." Chelsea says while she strides over towards me.

"Hmm, I guess, he is pretty hot. And indeed he has a fit bum" I laugh strongly agreeing with her scandalous statement. I say bye to Chelsea and ride back home.

"I'm home!" I yell up the stairs. Apparently, my mum isn't back home yet. She is an accountant and her work shifts depends on her scheduele. I guess this was one of her late night shifts.

I change straight into my pj's and throw my P.E kit into the wash, along with my muddy clothes.

I end up on the living room sofa, eating cheesy puffs while watching Tom & Jerry. Weird, I know but the usual Pretty Little liars isn't on.

I could go on and on about how amazing PLL is but I better not. I just hope we can find out who killed Mona!

I end up taking a nap, I mean it was a long day.

Waking up, to the sound of rattling keys, my mum enters the house. "Hey, sweetheart!" My mum beems and gives me a big hug.

"Hey, mum!" I smile.

"How was your day at school?" She questions. I tell her about the new friends I met and the teachers but not about Brandon. I figured it's best to keep him a secret for now.

My mum dishes up some dinner, macaroni and cheese."I was thinking maybe, you should go shopping for more outfits." Explains my mum.

I nod, I did want some new outfits I'm growing up and fashion is a great way to represent yourself. After all, I have wanted to be a fashion designer my whole life.

When I go to bed all I can think about is Brandon's lush blonde hair and his beautiful blue eyes. It's like I can't get him out of my head. It's unbelievable, I have never had this problem before.

His name keeps ringing in my ears. Do I have a crush on him? No, I don't I'm sure. It's probably just me being crazy.

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