Mission: black angel

What do you do if your friend got killed telling someone a secret.

Now what would you do if the person that they told the secret to was you.

This is the situation young Cathy summers is in. Put in care as a child Cathy never knew the truth about her parents. But soon she will as she faces the world for the first time. But the world can be cruel. And with Cathy joining the mysterious spy academy she has no choice but to face danger at every turn. Will she ever know the secrets behind her parents. Will she ever see the place she once called home again. Will she ever survive.


6. explanation

Ok, I should probably explain. 3 years ago my best friend went missing. It was horrible because I thought I had lost the person who had always been there for me. Now I think it would have caused me less pain if she had never come back but that's selfish of me. Anyway 7 months later she suddenly turned up on her own doorstep. Of course it was in the papers and even made an appearance on tv. Everyone said she was lucky to survive. Not me. I didn't think it was down to luck. Wanting to be a forensic scientist does make you look at things a bit close than the average person. So first of all she came back with mud smeared on her close in lines indicating finger marks. Secondly her hair was nearly brushed. Third of all she obviously was getting good food supply. So I confronted her. And she told me something that got her killed. It would have got me killed to if it hadn't been for ms moor. My social worker. Who just happened to be a spy.

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