Mission: black angel

What do you do if your friend got killed telling someone a secret.

Now what would you do if the person that they told the secret to was you.

This is the situation young Cathy summers is in. Put in care as a child Cathy never knew the truth about her parents. But soon she will as she faces the world for the first time. But the world can be cruel. And with Cathy joining the mysterious spy academy she has no choice but to face danger at every turn. Will she ever know the secrets behind her parents. Will she ever see the place she once called home again. Will she ever survive.


1. Cathy Summers

As I look at the beautiful sunset on the hill near Gordonside I don't realise that I will never see it again. That tonight I'll be a considered missing person to the police my foster family and everyone except myself and Ms Moor. My name is Cathy Summers. I've been waiting for information on my first mission for 6 months 15 days and 11 hours. Anyway back to the beautiful sunset on the hill. The amber light illuminates my pale face giving me a look as if I've just been to the Bahamas or the Seychelles. I slowly stand on my wobbly knees and look as the day becomes night. Then I see something. I see a helicopter creating shadows across the sunset. Then I look closer and realise that this isn't any helicopter . It's a combat plane with guns on the side and men prepared to shoot. So I run into the emptiness of the forest of Gordonside. Little do I know that I'll never run into that forest again.

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