Mission: black angel

What do you do if your friend got killed telling someone a secret.

Now what would you do if the person that they told the secret to was you.

This is the situation young Cathy summers is in. Put in care as a child Cathy never knew the truth about her parents. But soon she will as she faces the world for the first time. But the world can be cruel. And with Cathy joining the mysterious spy academy she has no choice but to face danger at every turn. Will she ever know the secrets behind her parents. Will she ever see the place she once called home again. Will she ever survive.


12. blood

I lifted the sweatshirt and my tank top looking for a wound but found none. It was definitely blood. Not that it could be anything else. I wondered where it could come from. Because it wasn't coming from me. Kieran wandered over towards me and sat down close to where I was sitting. I noticed goosebumps along his arms and felt guilty that I had stole his source of warmth. He looked down at the blood covered clothing.

"Sorry about that." He said.

At first I wondered what he was talking about and ten I saw it. The long cut that extended across his shoulder soaking his t-shirt in blood. His top Was ripped and he winced in pain as he flexed his shoulder, before resting it once again.

"Oh my god, what happened," I almost shouted, as I moved towards him and started examining the wound.

"I caught myself on a rock as I dragged you out the water," he said obviously trying to be tough. I then realised for the first time, this was not going to be the first person who was going to get hurt trying to protect me.

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