Caught on the Moon

With worlds so far apart, they still could feel each others touch.


1. i n t r o d u c t i o n



    Harry Styles was a cunning young man, with girls falling at his feet. Despite all the riches and fame he had as Hollywood’s most beloved actor, it wasn’t enough for his frozen heart.

It denied anyone who requestedaccess, setting his friends and his family members far from his life.


    Notorious of breaking every rule out there that the Nottingham Agency had set for their clients, Harry actually obeyed his manager and married Blake Lively, who turned out to be a real pain the arse towards Harry which led to the divorce, then the baby, turning his life upsidedown.


    On the night of September 7th, the news channels broke. The systems were overpowered with spybot data, causing an erupt of the machines. But, they had managed to fix it, and half of Hollywood must’ve died a bit on the inside. Harry Styles was reported missing, along with the death of Blake Lively’s attorney, who claimed to have DNA samples that matched Harry to the child.


    Not one word has been heard from either side, but many draw theories, as we put the facts together.


Stay Tuned,

Lisa Cudrow

Chief Editor at Celeb Buzz

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