Serinia is the only of her kind. She is a day walker that has led a very quiet like until Chase and his crew pull her into their line of work. As a mercenary Serinia met Jason. Her perfect world then flips upside down.


1. Beginning - Serinia

May 17, 1136 was when I was born. My mother's name was Kayley, human, and father was Gyron, lord of the vampires. I lived quietly for years until in 1268 I met them. I was hunting when I spotted their fire. I was curious as to what had brought them so far into the forest and couldn't stop myself from making my presence known. They immediately pointed their weapons at me. Smart guys. I looked at the four of them in turn before holding my hands up to placate their suspicion.

"Who are you?" a man asked. He stood closer to me than the others. His sand colored hair hung in his eyes as he pointed a silver sword at me.

"I'm Serinia. I also happen to be unarmed, so do you think you could stop waving that thing in my face," I didn't lie. My sword, Indor, was sitting in the bush beside me. He sheathed his sword with an apologetic smile.

"Sorry," a loud bang cut off what he was going to say next. Twenty men surrounded us.

"Friends of yours?" I asked looking at the familiar sight of swords pointed at me.

"Hardly," he growled, drawing his sword again. Without asking I rolled and grasped Indor. The emerald adorned sword glinted wickedly in the moonlight. We attacked, fighting like we had known each other for years instead of minutes. I decapitated one as he went to stab the sandy haired man. Soon they were either dead or retreating.

"I'm Chase," the man with sand colored hair held out his hand. I grasped it and he introduced the other three men. A small man that dressed in black was named Jerod, the who had an array of weapons on his back was Garven and the one with a fur cloak was Utan.

"We could really use you as a companion. Feel like joining?" Chase asked and the others nodded.

"Sure," I responded. It sounded like a good way to end my boredom.



A/N: Sorry if there was any confusion about Serinia. She is half human and half vampire, but the others are human. Also, after the name of the chapter is the person who is narrating.

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