Phil howell

This is a love story between Dan Howell and Phil lester.....


1. Before him

Dan Howell did not know his sexuality. Nor did he care.all he wanted was to find the right person. So one day after making a YouTube video he was invited to a party. He grabbed a cofee from the drive through Starbucks. He texted his friend Joyce's, " hey ma8. I'll be there in 5." And Joycee sent back." K m8 👊" Dan Howell rolled his eyes. Joycee was such a weirdo. Oh well. He liked him. He was a good friend. 2 minutes later Dan's phone buzzed at the red light on Elmer's rd. He picked up his phone. " hey! Do you know who amazing Phil is?"  Joycee texted him this. GREEN LIGHT. Dan set his phone down. He thought to himself. "I've heard of him." He thought. " I have watched his YouTube vids." He thought as pulled into joycees parking lot. When he walked into joycees house. It smelled of strong liquor and weed. Typical joycee . he was not an alcoholic though. Dan found joycee. "Hey. I want to get hammered. Mind if I stay over.?" Dan asked. " sure mate!" Joycee laughed. Everyone else arrived about 30 minutes after you got there. You say hi to everyone until he came. As soon as he walked in you blush. Joycee greets the new hot- new guy who walked in. You see them talk and then you watch as joycee points towards you and laughs. They walk over to you. " uh, hi!" You say greeting the man. "I'm Phil lester." He answers. " nice to meet you pha- Phil.."you say. Shaking his hand. "I'm Dan Howell.." You say as you stare down. You don't know what is happening but he is awfully attractive you think.

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