A portrait of fascism


1. Ruffia

all hail to our wisest King,

he always knows what's best

for Ruffia, our prideful land

where Discord never rests

where Chaos rears its shiny head

and spawns the cunning twins

from its eggs hatch Fear

and Paranoia, promising

to always warn us when there's danger

when something should not be.

our wise King shakes hands with Fear

because Fear's what we need.

he wants us all to be secure

he wants to keep us safe

so he builds a fence of isolation

locked together by hate.

our wise King speaks the truth

he knows what a true Ruffian is.

someone who shares his looks and views 

and blindly follows him.

his word is fact and logic

it's what we want to hear

if you don't praise his words and thoughts

then you are not a peer.

no, you are not a Ruffian

but an antagonist

the kind our wise King promised

he would safeguard us against.

who needs a set of written rights

to protect our stuff?

's long as we got our guns and walls

we're well protected enough

our mighty King has perception

he knows we must suspect

the peculiar-looking lesser-ones

and speak a strange dialect 

we must make enemies of them

and show then we don't care

we'll break them with our fists and words

cause the King doesn't want them here

our lovely land of Ruffia

where hatred is our pride

if we don't like the way you look

go find somewhere to hide

our King is running a great campaign

with Paranoia and Fear

let's celebrate the end of progress

to the death of civil rights, we cheer!









































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