Regret Message

2nd book to Servant of Evil (part I) hope you guys like it!


7. New Life

Doctor's pov: "Hand me that screw over their." I tell  a boy who works for me as he helps me to build Rin. "This one sir?" He asked me holding it up and I nodded. I took the screw and put it into Rin hoping she would activate and come to life. I was hoping she would not stay like Len was lifeless. She turned on and me and the boy hugged happy. "It worked sir!!" I nodded and she sat up looking around. "Where am I?" She asked us and I smiled running my hand through her blond golden hair. "Your home Rin and soon you will be back with your brother." I pointed to Len and she started to cry with a smile on her face. "Len...I made it back to you now you just have to fight it all and come back to me so we can be together again. Please come home to me." She hugged him and I smiled happy to help.

Their was a knock at my door and I opened it letting Miku, Mika, and Katio come in. "Come with us RIn we want to show you your knew home." Luka was right behind them and Rin smiled and nodded taking their hands as she left with them. She stopped ounce to look back at me. "Thank you doctor for bring me home. Please help my brother find his way back home to us as well." I nodded and she left with a smile on her face.


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