Heart of The Soul

This is made up of poems i have currently worked on or is proud of. Hope you enjoy!! Also I am going to enter a poem in a national poetry contest so please give me some advice on which one i should consider and how to make it better. It has to be no more than 20 lines.


3. Forgiving Journey

leave me here to wither in the wind

where i'll fly across rivers and land

by the valley of old

where i shall roam the hills

of wisdom and drink from the lake

of love

i'll take all shares and leave before

Morning's Ray of Dawn hits upon

the water's surface

then i'll travel westward to

God's mighty hand risen from the sea

i will rest for many days as i am able

before i am chased off by the angels

Then continue onward till i reach

the mountains filled with fertile land

feast upon feast there will be

until barren fields remain

only then shall i depart,sated

not a few days from that

a cave i shall find

filled with immeasurable treasures

shimmering with delight i'll partake

in the glory bestowed upon me

then pack away as much as i can

filling my pack and clothes and pack to the brim

so none shall ever gaze upon my jewels

and if by chance a tree maiden shall greet me,

by the tree connected to falls,

wearing more jewels than i

i then will whisk away all jewels

and bury them behind the water

 where it's flow will cease to feed

the Great Beautiful Tree

growing mold from its heart of


only then will i be glorious 

radiating beauty to all that's bare

there, right there

will my journey end

then i'll use all i have gathered

all i have sought for to finally

be above them all

and anyone who dares insult my

land, my kingdom, my life

will soon find themselves struck

by my torn fist

leave me here to wither and rot

so i might begin my journey

redeeming the lives i carry with

to a happier place to rest 

without sin.









Try to find the seven deadly sins mixed in there!! They are all there

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