Vamp Gel:The Odyssey

Its about girl with a different blood type, in a world of monsters.found by a circus and enslaved to be a freak.will she be free....


3. Slash Hammer

~~Sixteen years old he was when we found him. We took great care of him. I asked him "who he was"?. But he did not answer. Every time I looked at him he would turn he's face. I remembered the first time he met Moon Ex. He's eyes sparkled in a way. Master Golch had us in separate cages, now that we are bigger. We did shows for him now and then. We are Master Golch's personal slaves.

Strangely he looked like he wanted to say something, but did not know how. Moon Ex and me always talked, but I knew that she knew we were leaving him left out and alone. So she spoke to him, and she asked "what was your name and do you have any power?" I don't remember my name, but what I do know is that I was attacked by vampires. I hate vampires they killed my parents and my little sister he said. Oh I am really sorry I said crying."Hey why is she crying ?" he asked. It's okay, Ann might look like a scary monster but she's actually sweet and naive said Moon Ex."Oh he said"."Funny I thought you were a blood sucker he said."thanks Moon Ex and no I might look like this but its actually not might fault I"said wiping my tears away."If you want to remember who you are I can show you" Moon Ex said."But your gonna have to let me touch you okay" she said sliding her hand and reaching to him. In the moment they touched. Moon Ex said "you defended your self with a hammer cross, a really big one" she said. "Then I will call you Slash Hammer, do like it?" Said Moon Ex."I thought you would tell me who I am" he said."I only tell fragments of information" she said. "But Slash Hammer trust me you will be great" she said. "Slash Hammer I love it but okay"he said."How did you guys get caged up here"? he asked."Well it's a long story" said Moon Ex. But to simply put it we are supposedly monsters and we are a circus for evil Master Golch. "Yeah he kinda gave me something weird when I was outside the train, when he found me" said Slash Hammer. "Whatever it is don't accept anything from him" said Moon Ex.

More year's passed by, and I was twenty years old still in Orael drop circus. Men stare at me with disgusted faces. Slash was more talkative now, In the years that have passed we became friends. But he was planning revenge on the vampire that attacked him. He started to master fighting skills with his cross hammer. While Moon Ex is more motherly everyday. She started to have black vein lines showing up on her skin. I am just more monster looking than them. Master Golch more evil than ever I notice in the years of he's greed for gold and fortune. Now on my birthday that's coming up we are gonna have a show in Dama where humans live. I hope they won't hate me.



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