Vamp Gel:The Odyssey

Its about girl with a different blood type, in a world of monsters.found by a circus and enslaved to be a freak.will she be free....


2. Moon Ex

~~I walked into the dark room. And saw things I have never seen before, the stuff looked really gross. And then I saw a girl that seem to be about my age. Caged with shackles on her wrist. Blue hair that seem like bright watery blue diamonds. She seem sad so I approach her. She seems like a nice cute girl. I asked her why did Master Golch cage her?. " Run away and never come back please save yourself" she said. "No I am not gonna leave till you tell me why are you here? and who are you?" I said. "okay but promise me you will leave okay" she said. "My name is Moon Ex like a blue moon, and you are?" she said. "Cool well my name is weird is Ann pire" I said and smiled. "But why are you in there?" I asked her. "I have this power of touch, where I can touch you and see or have your information"she said. "Oh so are you some kind future girl"I said. "Yea something like that" she said. "But you have to stop seeing me or coming here or else Master Golch wont be happy, he will do things to you, that you will not like"she said. "But hes nice to me"I said. "No wrong" she said with a very turtored face. In that Instant I knew she was right. But Master Golch why. So hes a bad man. And I was wrong.

Now and then I would secreatly visit Moon Ex. Shes so smart she would tell me stories. And I would ask her questions now and then I would always learn from her. Even though she always tell me to not come back. I always had the urge to see her. I felt like if she was a bigger sister to me. And I would feel sad and more for her. When the train would stop at the towns. He would tell me to stay in the train and wait, because is safer he said. I knew he was up to something. But I only stayed for Moon Ex my friend. So he leaves and I go see Moon Ex. One day I asked her where are your parents?. She said my mom sucide and my dad passed away before I was born I really dont know much about them. I started to cry. "Ann dont cry your so cute" she said wipping my tears through the cold bars of the cage.

On the day I turned five, two years passed with Moon Ex and all I wanted was to save my friend Moon Ex. On that day I decided to escape with Moon Ex, Away from Master Golch. I went in the night to the dark room. I woke up Moon Ex and I told her today you will have your freedom. Hurry Ann I dont want you to get caught okay. Its funny how she cares about me and not about herself. In that moment I tried to open the cage I got cut by one of the sharp blades the cage has on the sides. I notice I started bleeding alot, but white blood. What is this?, is this mine?. "Ann!" screamed Master Golch "Slam". "What are you doing h..ere?  he asked and got cut off of what he was saying shocked by the sight of my white blood. He found out I was trying to escape with Moon Ex. Mad at what he saw he put me in the cage with Moon Ex. closing the door of light and into the dark bars and cold. He said so you were a monster.. Uh funny you will be my new spotlight toy in my circus. Rot you white monster. Moon Ex hugging me in the cage wanting to keep me warm. And just like that he left. Moon Ex did you know I was a monster, I am ugly and bad I said crying. No your not and yes I knew the moment I wiped away your tears I touched you and saw what you really will be. But no one is bad nor ugly or a monster. The real monster are bad men like Master Golch you are too sweet and kind to be a monster she said piching my cheeks. I love you Ann and we will get out of here soon she said.

Years passed and I was never the kind child no more I was more quiet and serious. But I still cared for Moon ex. At my fifthteens and my eyes changed to the color blood red, and my hair pale white. I used to be a dark blonde with blue eyes when I was smaller. Master Golch saw my changes, scared and curious of what I might be. On a day we were gonna have a show in Nilvay. master Golch found a teenager boy bleeding in the cold snow of Nilvay. Master Golch saved hes life and said he might be useful. How mean of him I thought. There were days I wanted to kill Master Golch but never had courage to do it. But the teenager boy that was brought into the train was different too. Back then I did not know this but this teenager boy will change Moon Ex life and Mine forever...




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