Trump's Assassin

Donald Trump has been murdered after being elected president and having America abandoned. America has to figure out the biggest mystery of their time.


2. Mystery

      I start searching for clues, ask Secret Service if I can see Trump's body.  Surprisingly, they don't care and I grab the body and run away.  Even Trump's own security guards hate him.  I search it for fingerprints and I find only his fingerprints, in places they should not be.  I mean the guy is like 70.  He shouldn't be doing the you-know-what you know?  Nevermind that, the only other thing he could of done was suicide.  Wait, where's the gun that shot Trump?  The secret service hand it over with no hesitation.  One of them even said "I worked for Donald Trump, my life already ended when I said yes to the job."  I shrug as I walk away, I am going to get to the bottom of the biggest mystery of my time.  Who was Trump's killer?  Did they do it for a good or bad reason? You know, maybe I shouldn't try too much because well.. nobody liked Donald Trump.  And his wife is probably bathing in money right now like "Yo I got his will."  Wait, what if Donald Trump's wife or angry ex-wife killed the man? Or his daughters, or his son.  Or suicide.  But there's one thing i'm probably sure of, the killer had the last name of Trump.

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