Trump's Assassin

Donald Trump has been murdered after being elected president and having America abandoned. America has to figure out the biggest mystery of their time.


1. News

     Today's headline got me knocked off my feet.  President Trump was murdered.  I didn't know anything about the murder, nobody did.  I gasped, I mean Trump was dead.  Some were happy, some idiots were sobbing.  And my whole family was having a party.  We had foods, drinks everything.  Personally, I hated Donald Trump but the fact that nobody wanted to figure out the mystery alarmed and disturbed me.  For Pete's sake a president was murdered and nobody was charged.  Some insane murderer is on the loose and nobody cares, they probably went big or something to get everyone happy and distracted so boom, goes the dynamite. Everyone else is murdered.  Well i'm not letting that happen, I am getting to the bottom of Donald Trump's assassin, if it's the last thing I do.   

     People on streets were partying, people were declaring this should be a national holiday.  I mean who wouldn't want it to be a holiday, but come on people have a LITTLE sympathy.  There were parades, floats made as if they were prepared for Trump's murder, hold up.  Why are there floats already.  And how come it's only my town celebrating the most? That's kind of suspicious, what if people in my town had the murder planned and there's a murderer loose in my town.  What if Donald Trump's killers were.... my parents.  

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