Short Stories

These are my short stories enjoy!


4. Short Story 4 (This was a rough draft of TBSCF)

     It was a regular summer  for Kate, she would camp a few weekends, swim, and have band camp for a week, or at least that is what she thought. That wasn't true though, it wasn't like the last few summers, her brother Ben had fallen ill. They didn't camp much during the summer, Ben started going to the doctor monthly for surgery, leaving Kate at home with no attention. That made Kate sad, she wished her parents had time for her, but no now she had to do all the work her brother did, except she did get any appreciation from her parents.
   Thinking that things couldn't get any worse than they already were this summer, Kate's mom lost her job. That really made them suffer, now they're lucky to have something to eat, but it would always be fast food, no more home-cooked meals for Kate's family. Kate had a few problems of her own during the summer, but nothing like what was happening to her family. Band camp was coming up and Kate was severely nervous, for she had been a victim of bullying since grade six.

   Finally, is was the first day of band camp and Kate made some friends in her section, but someone else seemed to catch her attention, a boy, but not just any boy, a senior boy. He looked back at Kate, giving her a geniune smile, she walked over to him and said," Hi, I'm Kate." He nodded the said,'' Nice to meet you, Kate. I'm Cole." After they introduced themselves they talked for their 2 minute break they had. For the remainder of the day Cole was all she thought about. They did the same thing everyday at band camp they'd say hey, hug, then quickly go to their section, practice music for their show, talk for two minutes, then the band would practice on the field.

  School was coming up in a few days and Kate still thought about Cole everyday, she even dreamed about him a few times. She fell hard for him, he knew she did, but he was afraid to say that he knew it. Going to school wasn't bad for Kate, all she cared about was talking to Cole. He was truly " The Boy She Couldn't Forget".

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