Short Stories

These are my short stories enjoy!


1. Short Story 1

One day Caitlyn was walking in the forest behind her house, when all of a sudden she heard a loud scream. She went running toward the scream, nobody was there... Was she hearing things or was this real, she didn't know anymore, so she ran. The scary thing is Caitlyn heard it following her, she was petrified, she only heard things when she was focused on other things, like when she was in her room by herself jamming out to her favorite band, 5 Seconds Of Summer. That frightened Caitlyn even more, allowing her fear to consume her, she finally saw what she heard. It was the one person she didn't want to run into, Desiree Resindez, a girl who thought she was better than everyone and got what she wanted. However Caitlyn was kind and caring, she knew she wasn't better than anyone, but she liked to help people. So that's what Caitlyn did, she took Desiree back to her house and got her a blanket and some water. That day Caitlyn saw a different side of Desiree, she saw the scared and vulnerable little girl side, the sweet kid that nobody saw. Caitlyn didn't know if her seeing this side of Desiree was just an accident or if it was what she was supposed to see, but she didn't care. All she did was sit there comforting the person she never expected to talk to. The two girls bonded and they became good friends, Caitlyn became popular like Desiree and in that moment, Caitlyn was happy. Desiree opened up, she shared her sweet personality with her peers. That day in the forest will never be forgotten... because that day changed their lives for the greater good..... The End.
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