Wild Guardians: Into the Forest

Where you have to fight for survival. Wild Guardians is a series about wild dogs living in the forest just beyond human territory. A dog named Max lives with his owners but is tempted to run away into the forest. Myths have been said that wild packs live in the forest and fight for survival, but again, they are myths. Will Max meet the packs or will he find out that it was all just a lie? Find out in the first series (this one). By the way Max's breed is German Shepherd.


5. Why?

"Yes! Of course, it would be an honour!" Max's said out loud with his tail wagging. Oakmoon gave a tiny chuckle. Suddenly, Silvermoon looked up at her father, as if she had a plan. "Father?" Oakmoon looked at Silvermoon, surprised by the calm tone of her voice. "Yes, Silvermoon?" "Do you remember that time we met a stray dog?"  Oakmoon looked at his daughter with suspicion "Yes..." "Why didn't we allow for him to join our pack? You never let others join, but now you said yes". Oakmoon hesitated, "Why does it bother you?" "Because you never allowed them to join, but you are letting him" Oakmoon gave a stern look at Silvermoon, will he no say the truth? "I may not say my reason for being... picky with dogs joining our packs" Silvermoon pawed at the floor, searching for words, "But... at least the strays knew how to scavenge and knew a little bit of the struggles of being wild. Max, he is a nofur pet. He never hunted, eaten raw food, lived in a cold environment, so why him?" Oakmoon growled "I said, I may not answer that" Silvermoon looked at the floor and replied, "Sorry, father".

Oakmoon looked at Max's coat and said, "Oh dear, look at the state of you! I guess Silvermoon really beat you up" He quickly gave a stern look at Silvermoon, but she ignored it. "Come, I'll take you to our medicine wolf to get you cleaned up before your naming ceremony" Max looked at Oakmoon "Naming ceremony?" "Yes! Every wolf that is either born in a pack or joined one who hasn't got a pack name will have a traditional naming ceremony. There are four stages to a naming ceremony, only the fourth one isn't always done" Max started to get excited "What are the stages?" "The first stage is for newborn pups. They get named when they are born and they must have the word 'pup' at the end of their name, for example Stormpup. The start of their name must be a word describing them, either appearance or personality". Max started pondering what possible names he will get at the ceremony, Redpup? Barkpup? Then Max realised he couldn't get those names, he wasn't a pup, was he? "The second stage is when the pup becomes six moons old and gets his or her apprentice name, the 'pup' is replaced with 'paw'. The pup will be trained by it's mentor until it reaches the third stage. The third stage is when you are a become a Guardian or Warrior, if it's easier to remember. For getting your Guardian name you need to earn it, either by battling in a fierce battle or saving another's life. Anything will do as long as you prove yourself to the pack. The 'paw' will also be changed into something else, anything as long as it describes you." Max stood up and urgently asked, "What's the fourth stage?" "The fourth stage is when a wolf becomes a leader. You will have to make a journey to a cave called the Mothermouth, you will have to sleep there and share dreams MoonPack, later on you'll be granted a new name and a second life. Your name will be changed into 'moon'. But as I said, not every wolf gets that amazing offer" Max was blown away. He never knew that there were such traditions in the forest. "Well" Oakmoon stood up and so did Silvermoon. "Let's get going, we need you to meet the pack". Max stood up as well, and started walking behind Oakmoon and Silvermoon. He couldn't wait until his own naming ceremony!


(So sorry for chapter 4 and 5 being so short, I wasn't rushing, just tried making it tense but I bet I failed :P)

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