A single tear and a red rose

This story is about how I meant somebody. Somebody who everybody wants. A story about a boy and a girl meeting in an usual way. Where we are two different people. He has brown eyes, dark shaggy hair, tan skin, tall and lean. His personality not like anybody else's ever. Yet me a girl with short brown hair, green eyes with black glasses, slight pale skin and I'm short and lean with a too big of chest. Didn't know I would fall for someone who would save my life. Didn't know that I was going to cry for him. Didn't know I would feel lust for someone. Didn't know a single tear would fall on to a red rose dripping blood.


2. The Beginning


   . . . . 7 years ago. . . . 

     Dear Grandchild,

             I wanted to tell you in person but that is not what fate has in store for me. I know right now you would be sitting in your room crying and begging god to switch our places, but dear please don't cry. Please smile you're so beautiful when you smile. The necklace with the green gem that came with this note is a family heirloom. Keep it safe because you're the guardian of that jewel. When it's your time to follow me to where I am now I will be waiting for you. Don't forget who you are my dear grandchild. Keep smiling on. . . 

      Love your grandmother Anna


    . . . . 7 years later. . . . 


  "Kayla time to wake up." I heard a gentle voice say and I peak my head out from under the covers to see my mom standing above me. I groan and go back under the covers. "Oh come on you have to go to school." I heard her say and I let out a long sigh. "Yeah yeah I know our dad will start bitching." I mumbled and sat up making the covers pool into my lap. I brought my hand up to my eyes and rub them. I looked around and saw my mom already gone. 'Well then. . . ' I thought grimly and pulled the covers off my legs and swung them over the edge and looked at the floor. I looked over at my nightstand seeing a picture frame facing down. I slowly reach for it and pick it up and bring it over flipping it over in the process. I stare down at the picture of me and my grandma in her garden. I look up and see my calendar and saw that today was the day. 'The day I lost a precious person. . . ' I thought and I didn't feel the tear that fell from my eye and drop down on the glass of the picture frame. I place the the frame back how it was on my nightstand and stand up not bothering wiping my tears away. I walk to my dresser and pull out my ripped jeans, a black tank top, and a red and black hoodie. I get undressed and put my bra on then put on the clothes that I picked out. I put on my black combat boots and tie them and walk over and grab my bag and walk out of my room. I walk down the hallway and go down the stairs and see that my mom is looking at a picture and I turn away with a grimace on my face. "Oh Makayla your up." I heard my mom say and I give a quick nod. "Yeah I'm gonna get going. . . I'll see ya later." I said and walked out of the door and didn't start running till I know she wouldn't see me. 

     I stopped three blocks away from my house and was bent over with my hands on my knees taking gulps of air. When my breathing finally calmed down I straightened my back and turned my head to look up at the sky. 'How can it be so bright on a day like today?' I thought and closed my eyes thinking back onto a day like today. 

        "Grandma!" I yelled and ran to her giving her a hug. "Oh hello dear." She said smiling down at me. "Well isn't this a surprise! You coming over to my house on your birthday." She said still smiling and I smiled up at her. "I wanted to spend it with you and your garden like we always do!" I said excitedly and she chuckled softly. "Even when you're 9 years old you still want to be around your grandma and her garden." She said softly and I nodded still smiling. Then she said sadly. "But we can't I have to go do something. When I get back we can okay?" She said trying to keep me happy, but I understood the double meaning behind it. "You're not coming back are you. . . " I stated softly and I heard her sigh and hug me tight. "One day you'll understand my dear grandchild." She said softly then straightened up and smiled down at me then turned away and started walking away. "I'll wait for you!" I yelled and she raised her hand as good-bye and disappeared. I went to her garden and sat there underneath the flowers crying and praying she comes back alive. 

    I opened my eyes still staring up at the sky and clenched my fists. 'Why. . . Why you grandma?' I thought sadly. I started walking again with my hands in my pockets and my head bent down to the ground. "Yo Makayla!" I heard someone yell to me. I stop and turn around my head tilting back slightly so then I could see who it was, and I saw my friend Alice. "Hey." I said smiling softly. "What's wrong?" She asked when she stopped beside me. I cursed softly forgetting that she can read me easily then other people. "Today's the day. . . " I said softly knowing she already knew what I was talking about. She was silent for a few seconds then hugged me and whispered softly a sorry and a happy birthday. Yep you heard that right my grandma died on my birthday. Great present huh? Took me two full weeks to come out of my room. I was jolted out of my thoughts when Alice let go of me. "Let's get going." She said and we started walking, and not noticing my necklace glowed slightly. 

   We stopped in front of the doors of the school and I sighed. She glanced at me. "Ya know we could skip." She said softly and I bit my lip. 'I could just run to my grandma's house and go into the garden.' But that thought left me when I realized that the garden is dead and her house abandoned. My shoulders slumped and I shook my head softly. "Let's just go." I said while pushing open the door and walking in knowing she followed me. Usually it's me that has to be strong but today it's like we switched roles. She has to be the strong one while I am half way to just giving up. We walked in and had to split up and she waved bye and I nodded her way. I walked down the hall dodging people and staying out of everyone's way. Once I got to my locker I put in my combination and got the binders I needed for my classes. I slammed my locker shut and turned and glared at some prep girls that were staring at me. They squeaked and looked away. I tched and turned and walked away not giving them any of my time. 

   I got to my classroom and sat down in the back and pulled out my headphones and started listening to my music. I put my elbow on my desk and rested my head in my hand staring out the window. I stared at the clouds not noticing somebody standing next to my desk. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up and my eyes widen seeing a guy standing there. I blushed embarrassingly and took out one of my headphones. "S-sorry um what up?" I cursed myself in the head for stuttering and blushing. "Um nothing? But I was wondering if I was in the right room?" He asked and I raised a eyebrow. "E-eh?" I stuttered out with a confused look on my face. "Oh I'm the transfer student Dakota." He said holding out his hand smiling. I blinked then smiled back taking his hand and shaking it. "Names Makayla but people either call me Kayla and M.C." I said and he chuckled. "Nice to meet you M.C." He said and it felt like my heart stopped. 'I've been reading to many romance novels! This shouldn't be happening in real life!' I thought while freaking out in my mind I kept a calm peaceful look on my face. He took the desk next to mine and sat down while putting his stuff on the ground. "I can't really tell if this is the right homeroom for me." He says with a nervous grin on his face and I chuckle softly. "Let me see you're schedule then." I say softly while holding out my hand for the piece of paper. He took the piece of paper from his pocket and placed it on my outstretched hand. 


Name: Dakota M.

Age: 18

Locker: 1626

Homeroom: Mrs. Dark

1st: History

2nd: Calculus

3rd: Band

4th: Gym

5th: English


6th: Science

7th: Psychology

8th: Study Hall

   'Hmm. . . So he has at least four classes as me.' I thought then looked back up at him giving a smile. "Yep you're in the right homeroom Dakota." I say to him and he lets a breath he's been holding. "Thanks for a second I thought I was going to have to go somewhere else." He said rubbing the back of his head letting a free easy chuckle pass his lips. "And I have somebody I know now. It would have been a shame if I had to give that up." He added and looked at me with his light green eyes and a happy-go-lucky playing across his lips. "Y-yeah at least you have a friend now." I cursed myself inside my head again. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks so I quickly brought my arm up to the desk and raised my hand up covering my one cheek from his view. 'Why is this happening?' I questioned myself when I noticed other people were starting to walk in taking a seat. Just as Mrs. Dark walked into the room the bell went off making people jerk up surprising them. I let out a quiet chuckle pass my lips while inside my head a mechanical laughter was heard.

  "Okay class today we have a new student." Mrs. Dark said with her monotone voice. "Dakota can you please come up here?" She added once everyone was quiet. Dakota stood from his seat beside m. He walked to the front of the class with his hands in his pockets and  cool collected look on his face. Once he got to the front of the class he turned looking at everyone. I looked around and I saw the majority of the girls in the class blushing and giggling. 'He already has fangirls.' I thought with a 'are-you-kidding-me' look with my eye twitching. I shook my head and looked back up to the front. "Hello my name is Dakota. And I transferred from Heavens Light Academy." He said his voice hushed slightly. "Well welcome to Moons Shadow Academy." Mrs. Dark said to Dakota and I let out a small chuckle at the irony. As soon as the chuckle escaped my lips Mrs. Dark turned her head to me. "Makayla is something funny?" She said to me with a smirk already knowing what I'm laughing at. "Mm I find irony in that." I say softly and a smirk tugged at my lips matching hers. 

    From that day on I didn't know meeting Dakota would bring a old world my Grandmother knew into my life. And everyday would be a fight for my life.


    I'm heading straight for the castle. 

They want to make me their queen.

And there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying I probably shouldn't be so mean.

I'm heading straight for the castle. 

They got the kingdom locked up. 

And there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying I probably shouldn't be so mean.

- Castle by Halsey


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