THe girl who vanished

A girl name Kira had gone missing from her home town and no-one has seen her
Where is she?


1. Kira

"Micheal Justice reporting, A young girl by the name of Kira Woodsburn has gone missing she is 6 years old and she was last seen wearing a white dress and her skin is very pale. Her mother has sent out an award for her finder of $50,000" and picture of Kira popped up beside Micheal's head on the screen "if anyone has information they are to contact the authorities immediately"

"well, well looks like your wanted KIRA" a man said his voice was deep and husky "I hope they find you soon" he looked at Kira she was tied up on a chair and her mouth taped up the room was dark and she was covered in blood. "ha they will never find you" he smiled at her and she began to cry.

"oh Kira please be okay" Kira's mother said she was crying and blowing her nose "we'll find her soon Mrs Woodsburn" Constable Anthony Tiller said to Mrs Woodsburn "and I bet someone will come to us with answers" Mrs Woodsburn was bursting in tears.

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