THe girl who vanished

A girl name Kira had gone missing from her home town and no-one has seen her
Where is she?


2. Captured

A mysterious man walked upto to Kira and she was frightened like a little kid frightened of the lightening and thunder from the storm, she sweat and her mouth covered in tape.

The ropes would burn and cut her whenever she would squirm or move, "relax Kira your safe...." the name said to Kira "...for now anyways" she started to cry.


Mrs Woodsburn was crying and watching the news "Kira Woodsburn is still yet to be found..." she was so upset and angry that she threw the remote at the tv and smashed the screen of the flatscreen plasma, she sat a sulked "mother" a young girl with short black hair and wearing pajama's that were obviously to big for her walked down the stairs and sat beside her mother "mother" she repeated, Mrs Woodsburn looked at her and cried on her shoulder "how could this happen? how could this happen to my little girl?" she sulked and the tears wet the young girls shoulder "oh Emma your all I have left" Emma pat her mothers head and a tear went down her face.

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