Servent of Evil

This is the first book of a chain i am writting so i hope you enjoy them the second will be out shortly after! Be sure to keep you eyes out for the Regret message! Love you all so much and please enjoy the book!


9. 9

Len's pov:

I sent a message to Rin on a bird. I knew I would never see her again and soon just as I let the bird go the red knight came to take me away. "come with me right now. You are to be executed tomorrow in the town square." I smiled at her. "Such a shame it's almost tea time." I said with a smiled. The red knight look around I felt my heart sink. "Where's the boy?" I tiled my head. "Where's the servant  boy your always with?!" She yelled and then figured it out. I gave her a sad worried look and mouthed 'Please don't tell...' She looked away and I was afraid she would tell. "Well where is he?" The blue prince asked me again. "He left with the others." Was all I said and neither one of them asked me a thing after that. The red knight then took me to my cell.

the whole time I kept thinking about Rin. Did she make it away? Was she safe? I missed her so much as I spent my day thinking of the old happy days. "It's time." Was all she said to me out to the geaten to meet my death. She put me on my knees as I took one last look at the crowed. "Today marks the end of the evil queens rule." A the blue prince yelled making the crowed get riled up about my death. I ignored him as my eyes meet with a girl in the crowd who wore a hood and had tears in her eyes. I soon recognized that it was my sister so I smiled at her one last time. She smiled back at me through tears and I mouthed I love you. "Yellow Queen do you have any last words?" They asked me and I smiled at them. "Yes...." 

~If in our next life if we ever meet again.

Let us play together ounce more,

And we'll be the best of friends~

Then taking one last look at my dear older sister the knife fell and I was dead. I thought this would be the end but I was sadly mistaken.

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