Servent of Evil

This is the first book of a chain i am writting so i hope you enjoy them the second will be out shortly after! Be sure to keep you eyes out for the Regret message! Love you all so much and please enjoy the book!


8. 8

Rin's pov:

Time passed and ruled over my country with an iron fists. Soon how ever my brother came to me. "My queen hurry you must leave." I stood my ground not amused. "What are you going on about?" He looked worried but kept his cool. "People have been talking my queen." I rolled my eyes. "Then cam the people down it's just a riot." Len looked down. "No, it's not its a revolution and you need to leave. Here are my spare cloths now take them and run. Don't stop, look back or talk to any one. I love you Rin. So much..." He helped me get changed and I ran out the back door.


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