Servent of Evil

This is the first book of a chain i am writting so i hope you enjoy them the second will be out shortly after! Be sure to keep you eyes out for the Regret message! Love you all so much and please enjoy the book!


4. 4

Rin's pov:

It's been 14 years since I saw my brother and I never stopped thinking about him or missing him. "My lady your new servant is here to work for you." I nodded and followed her. When I saw who it was I couldn't help but smile and start to cry. He bowed down to me and smiled a bit. "Hello...sister..." he said to me with a smile and I ran over to him and flung my self on to him making him fall down. We both broke out into laughter and I saw his smile again and it made me so happy.

"I missed you so much dork." I said through tears as he held me close to him. "It's good to be home too Rin...I missed you so much too." We laughed some more and he wiped away my tears. "Come on smile princess. Your prince charming has come home now." He laughed teasing me and I hit his arm in a playful way as I started thinking back to how I used to call him my prince and say that one day I would marry him.

I looked at him again and was unsure. "How come your a servant? Shouldn't you be my prince?" He looked down and sighed. "Father told me when we were young that from that moment I was born I was meant to be used as your tool." I shook my head not believing what he was telling me. "No, Your just joking with me right Len. Please tell me you are." I looked at him hoping to see a smile or to hear him laugh. I got really mad and hugged him tight. "I don't like that word Len....please don't use that word to describe your self." I was begging him and he smiled at me brushing my hair out of my face. "Okay Princess I won't use that word again.

I hugged him tighter now as I whispered in his ear. "Your not a tool Len. Your my brother and I'm never letting you go again." I smiled and he hugged me back. "Thank you Rin. I'll never leave your side again I promise."

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