Servent of Evil

This is the first book of a chain i am writting so i hope you enjoy them the second will be out shortly after! Be sure to keep you eyes out for the Regret message! Love you all so much and please enjoy the book!


2. 2

Len's pov:

I went silent after hearing about out mother's late passing. I spent more and more time in the garden alone. Rin became really busy and I saw less and less of her. "Master Len." I turned around to face the butler. "Yes...." The butler looked down at my hand. "Is that for Rin? I'm sure she'll love it. You better go say your good byes." I looked at him. "She's leaving..." the butler shook his head. "I'm afraid your leaving master Len."

I got up and went to see Rin. "Oh um...Rin." She went silent and turned to look at me. "So your talking again." She sounded cold to me. I looked down and held out the crown I made that had made her smile so many time when we where little. I was hoping I would be able to see her smile ounce more before I left. "I made you a crown." She looked at me and took it making me smile a bit. Then she ripped it up in front of me and I felt my heart brake in a billion pieces. 'Why is she being so mean to me!?' "Flower crowns are for kids Len. Grow up all ready." I looked down as the tears started to fall down my cheeks and for the first time she looked surprised and like she felt bad for what she did. "Bye...then....sorry...for bothering you Rin.....I just thought it would make you smile...." I said and turned to leave and pack my things.

"Wait!" She screamed grabbing the tail of my jacket. "What do you mean your leaving." I glanced back at her and didn't say a word as I walked away. I left her their as the tears started to fall more. I couldn't stop them any more from falling. 'Why do you care any way? Your always to busy to spend time with me as it....' I thought to my self as I packed my bags up. Uncle came to my room and knocked on my door. "Are you ready to go Len?" I nodded and together we left the house that ounce held so many happy memories for me but now only brought me pain.

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