I feel

Idk what to put


1. I feel usless

I feel useless because of the shit i do.

If i do something wrong, someone yells at me.

If i do something right, it doesn't feel right.



My mom's fiance makes me feel useless, like all the time.

A lot of the time, he is just yelling at me.

He treats my mom like a queen,

but he treats me like a piece of shit.



He barges in my room like i have no privacy.

He yells at me and just grounds me and when

he grounds me sometimes i don't even know what for.




I feel like a piece of shit when he yells at me.

He called me a piece of shit one day.

And that just made me feel so useless.

Like, what the hell can shit do? I know.

It can be flushed down the fucking toilet.



I just feel fucking useless almost all the time.

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