I feel

Idk what to put


5. I feel like i need to leave

I feel like i need to leave this earth.

People don't like that........especially friends.

I always say that no one will miss me because it is true.

I'm annoying and not the most awesomest person you want to be around.




I feel like if i did leave this earth that my family would be happy.

That they would throw a "going away" party.

They would just celebrate until someone who actually did miss me would come and ruin their party.

I would miss them but im pretty sure that other people wouldn't even know i was gone.




I love u guys and i know u love me but will u miss me when im gone?

I know the bullies will be happy but my friends will be sad.

I don't think i should leave the earth right now......

maybe when im older??

I don't wanna die old tho.....for some reason i wanna die young.


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