Come Back

Violet's mom died years ago. Her abusive dad make them go move to Australia. I didn't know that I would fall in love with her, and I didn't know that she loved me back. She promised me, that if she ever leaves me, that she will always Come Back.


5. Chapter 5

      Luke's POV

"You are not going to be gentle. You will fuck me as hard as you can, and no buts. We're doing this right fucking now," She hissed.

I turned her on. I've never seen her like this before. SHE'S the one that said nothing to sexual.

And now she's telling me to fuck her. Should I do it? I mean I WANT to, but will she regret it?

There will be no regrets. And I will fuck her as hard as I can. 

She looked so impatient. I leaned in and started kissing her on the lips. The kiss was getting really heated.

She started unbuttoning my shirt. Wow. It only took her 30 seconds. Then, she stripped off her tee shirt.

I took off her pants, and she took off mine. I think she is going slow on purpose, just to make me eager.

I pushed her down onto the bed and started kissing her. She put he hands on my back, pulling our bodies closer together.

I took her bra off. And her panties. She took off my boxers. I wish she would go faster.

A thought crossed my mind. What if this is her first time? I should stop if it is.

I leaned towards her ear. "Babe... Is it your first time?" I asked. She looked offended. 

Well, that means it ISN'T her first time. And I just made her feel like crap.

"Why, was it because I was slow? I was just seeing how long it would take for you make me go faster," She said, in a sexy voice.

I smiled. We started kissing again. I kissed her neck, she moaned. I started kissing down her chest.

I kissed her all over her boobs. She moaned again.

Does she want me to go faster? Or keep it at the same speed? Slower? I like the speed it is, or faster.

I started kissing her stomach. My tongue played with her belly button ring.

Never knew how many piercings she had. Lip, nose, ears, and belly button. 

I leaned in by her ear. "Do you want me to go fast or slow? Hard, or gentle?" I asked her.

"I said you're going to fuck me as hard as you can. As fast as you can," She hissed in my ear.

Just the way I like it. Hard and fast. But, I've never went as hard as I could on a girl. But she will know if I don't.

I might cry if I find out that I hurt her. I shoved in and out, as hard and as fast as I could.

Her moans were REALLY loud. I hope the guys aren't here. They would never stop talking about our moans.

"Babe, I'm gonna cum," I said. "Me, too." I pulled out and laid down next to her.

We were both panting. I fucking love her. And I always fucking will. No one could ever change that.




    Ashton's POV

I'm the only one left at Luke's. Besides Luke and Violet. Cal and Michael went back to Michael's.

It's around 3am. I heard a soft moan from upstairs. No, they aren't. They promised on nothing sexual.

I watched TV for about half an hour, until I heard another moan. It was louder this time.

I started watching TV again. Then, a bunch of moans broke out. No fucking way. 

Luke is fucking Violet. And by the sound of it, she's letting him. I'm gonna call they boys.

I dialed Michael's number.

"Hey, Ash. What you need?"

"Put me on speaker phone, and get Cal, too." I put them on speaker, too.

"Okay we're here. Why are we putting you on speaker?"

"Listen to this." They stopped talking. Luke and Violet's moans were REALLY loud.

"Who's moans are those?" Cal asked.

"Luke's and Violet's," I said.

"Wait, they're fucking each other? I thought she said nothing sexual?"

"He must have begged her, a lot."

"You guys should come here. They're probs louder in person." I said.

"We're on our way." Cal said before hanging up.

Hope Luke and Violet aren't mad at me.


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