My Hogwarts Years.

I finally got into Hogwarts, my name is Ashley, call me Ash. I am as good as any boy, seriously ask anyone who decided to fight me. I was found wondering the streets of Diagon Ally when I was four and forgot everything, even my parents being killed by Voldemort. Luckily I remembered my brothers and my home town. I may be a mudblood but blood doesn't matter. This is gonna be great.


5. Chapter 5: Year 1

**Ashley's POV**

"Ashley, hey Ash wake up." I slowly opened my eyes to find Harry's face too close to mine. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks as I answered,

"W-what? It's the m-middle of the night..." He looked at me with pleading eyes,

"Please, Ash, for me..." I sighed and got up, he pulled me to him and draped the invisibility cloak over us. "Just be quiet and stay close to me..." I knew I would stammer if I spoke so I stayed quiet and nodded my head. After endless running down empty corridors he pulled me into a room, in this room there was a mirror, a mirror I had seen before. "In this mirror I saw my parents. Look there..." He pointed just over my left shoulder I turned to him,

"Harry listen, in this particular mirror you see what you want." I turned to it, "I see my parents...I think they're my parents..." I could feel eyes on me. I turned and found Harry staring at me intently,

"Y-you don't know what your parents look like?!" I sighed heavily,

"No, my memory was removed. I don't remember parents of any sort..." I looked away and said to Harry, "T-That's a story for another time. We better go, someone will find out we're missing." I sensed him lift the invisibility cloak off the floor and come closer to me.

"Lets...lets go." We huddled together and pull the cloak over us, I could feel his arm brush against mine as we ran back down the corridors. As we passed a doorway a figure came out of a doorway and we collided. I looked up, it was my awkward little red-head. "Ash! H-harry! Y-you need to see this..." Ron, "Come on please..!" Me and Harry shared a glance and nodded together at Ron. He took off running ,gripping my hand, he stopped short in front of a door and looked at me. "Could you open this for me, I did it once but I can't get it right." I took my wand out and pointed it at our hands first,

"Ok but could you let go of my hand now? I need to have blood running through it." He let go of my hand with a sheepish grin on his face. I turned to the lock and racked my brains for the spell when I found it I preformed it perfectly. "Alohomora..." The door swung open and there sat a giant, three headed dog. The boys instinct was to scream and I knew that, I covered their mouths and slammed the door shut right at the head in the middle thrashed its head against the door. I looked at Ron then at Harry and spoke calmly, "Will you scream if I take my hands off your mouths?" I got a shake of heads from both boys. "Good now when I do lets just get out of here, ok." I did so and we turned around. Harry draped the cloak around us and I was stuck between both boys. We took off towards the door and got there in no time.

**Ron's POV**

Sure there was a huge, three headed dog but what were Harry and Kai doing out, I turned to them to ask them this when Ash started talking, "Did you see what it was standing on?" She looked at me and Harry. I retorted,

"No, 'cause if you didn't notice there was a three headed dog trying bite our heads off!" She rolled her eyes at me, slightly hurt by my harsh words, and continued, "It was standing on a trap door, idiot. Now I'm going to bed and you two better as well," She turned to Harry, "Especially you, Wood will kill you if you lose the first Quidditch game of the season." With that she turned, flicked her hair and walked to her dorm room. We exchanged a glance before going to our dorms and getting a slightly peaceful sleep.

**Harry's POV**

**Next Day**

"AND HARRY HAS SPOTTED THE SNITCH" Shouted Lee, the commentator for the schools Quidditch games, Ron, myself and the whole of Gryffindor cheered for him as he raced around the field chasing the snitch. "HE IS ONLY AND GRABBING DISTANT APART AND...HE'S STANDING ON HIS BROOM REACHING FOR THE SNITCH!" Boomed Lees voice as it reached the Gryffindor stand, "AND HE'S...HE'S FALLEN OFF HIS BROOM, HE LOOKS LIKE HE IS GONNA BE SICK. SOMEONE GO DOWN THER-- NO HARRY POTTER HAS THE SNITCH GRYFFINDOR WINS!!!" "Yeses!" and "Well done Potters" could be heard around the stand and people left. Ron and I were the first to congratulate Harry, I gave him a hug and Ron shook his hand. I stayed up all night in the common room talking to Ashley and Ron, they are the best friends ever.

It was a great deal into the night and I was still sitting on the couch thinking about things. I heard something and spun around and saw it was Ash and I relaxed sinking back down into the sofa. Without warning she sat next to me and wrapped  her arms around my neck, nuzzling her head into my chest. I suddenly realized I was not 11 anymore or I wouldn't of had a stubble and an amazing, toned six-pack. I looked back down at her and realized how sad she was I pulled her close.

"I'm scared Harry, he's coming..." I hated hearing and seeing her like "Things will work out, they always do just...just promise to protect me until then..." She started fading but I still whispered,

"I promise..."

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