My Hogwarts Years.

I finally got into Hogwarts, my name is Ashley, call me Ash. I am as good as any boy, seriously ask anyone who decided to fight me. I was found wondering the streets of Diagon Ally when I was four and forgot everything, even my parents being killed by Voldemort. Luckily I remembered my brothers and my home town. I may be a mudblood but blood doesn't matter. This is gonna be great.


2. Chapter 2: Year 1

Please just pretend the girl punching Malfoy is Ashley please, for the story...

**Ashley's P.O.V**

As we waited to go into the hall Draco came up to me and held the Daily Mail out in front of me, "What's this about them..hmm..?" I glared him and and replied, "None of your business." He was about to talk back when an elderly lady placed a hand on his shoulder and turned him around, "Back to your place, Malfoy. Now." Surprisingly he listened to her and went back to where he was standing. Then she turned back to us and smiled kindly, "I am Professor McGonagal and I will be one of your teachers. Now. When you go in do not sit down you will need to be sorted into a house. The different houses are, Gordric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff and.." She says the last name with a grimace, "Salazar Slytherin. Now follow me you will be sorted into you houses." I heard sighs of appreciation as we entered the hall. We were lead up to the front of the hall where a old worn down hat stood on a stool. The Prof. unrolled a parchment and started to read our names out, "Neville Longbottom" A boy came up and sat on the stool and McGonagal placed the hat on his head and the hat STARTED TALKING. "Hmm..yes lots of capability I think...Gryffindor!"McGonagal took the hat off his head and gestured towards a table and he went and sat on the table where he was greeted by the other people. This happened a few more times then my name was called,

"Ashley Mackenzie." I sat on the stool and heard the hat talking.

"Hmm...yes very clever, brave too. Just like her parents! I think...Ravenc..."

'NO!' I shouted in my mind. The hat stopped, as did everyone else their hands raised poised to clap. 'Gryffindor...please...'

"If that is what you want you can go to...GRYFFINDOR!" I was amazed, how did it do that I didn't even do anything, except talk in my head. I just slowly walked towards the table and took a seat. The other people were sorted and I am in the same house as Harry and Ron, Draco is in Slytherin, big surprise there. Before we all left Dumbledor said a few words,

"All students must know that the third floor corridor is forbidden as is the forest, also I want to welcome Professor Quirinus Quiril..." He gestured to a man with a turban on and he stood up to say a few words, "H-hello everyone I am P-p-proffesser Q-Quirrell." My scar on my cheek died in his presence and I put my hand to it, I saw Harry do the same to his lightning shaped scar. We stared at each other and, awkwardly, put our hands down. Professor Stutter, sorry I mean Quirrell, quickly reseated himself and we all left the hall one by one.

**Harry's P.O.V**

**In the Gryffindor common room around midnight**

"Ashley?" She was sitting in the softest chair reading a book.

"Hmm..oh hello Harry.."She put a bookmark in her book and placed it behind her she smiled sweetly at me. "Bit late Ash, what are you doing"

"I could ask you the same Harry"

"I thought I heard something..or someone" We talked for about an hour before she said,

"I'm tired I better get to bed," She got up and walked to the staircase to her dorm, "Night Harry..."

"Yeah..bye." I said sadly to myself while waving at her back. I wish we could spend more time talking to her like that, she really can be kind when it comes to it. Also she is a bit cute, I hope no one else sees her like I do.

**Next day**

I walked into the Great Hall to see the best sight in the world;

Ash had punched Malfoy for calling her a mudblood. The prick. As he ran past me he snarled, "Move scarhead!" I came and sat next to a slightly amazed Ron,

"Y-you just punched Malfoy..." She shrugged it off like it was nothing,

"He shouldn't mess with me or my friends, the prick." She glanced to her right and saw me sitting there, "Oh..hi Harry. Did you see..." I laughed slightly,

"Yep, he deserved do realize that all of the Slytherin are glaring daggers at you..."

"Yep, they have been since I..uh..walked in the room. Same for you, well I'm gonna go..." She was searching frantically for something, "Uh...I'll be in the common room." She picked up her stuff and ran out, my eyes and Ron's followed her out the room. Then I sighed,

"I'll go help her with...whatever that was about..." Really I only wanted to be alone with her but still, I'd never seen her like that. They all nodded expect for Ron who still had his eyes on where she had left the room. I packed up my stuff and followed after her. When I go to the common room I saw her in front of a mirror trying to put a necklace on. It seemed like a key of some sort. As soon as she noticed me in the mirror she whipped her head round. It didn't look like her, her cheeks were flushed and she stammered,

"H-how long have y-you been s-standing there..?"

"Not long, just got here." I gestured toward the necklace? "Want me to put that on you..."

"S-sure I can't do it.." I did the necklace for her and was about to say something else when Fred, George and Lee came stumbling in.

"Sorry to intrude, hope we didn't interrupt anything.."

"No, no I was just leaving. Thanks Harry, we'll catch up later.." I waved slightly but put my hand down when I got a glared from Fred that clearly stated, stay away from her. All I could do I flash a grin and make my way downstairs to my potions lesson.

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