Sad Poems and Quotes

random poems for internet


7. I'm sorry Angel (part 2)

I'm sorry Angel...

I'm sorry when you needed me I wasn't there.

I'm sorry when you cried I didn't wipe away your tears.

I'm sorry I didn't do anything when your parents would yell and your brother hit you.

I'm sorry I wasn't there when you were slicing up your skin.

But I'm sorry won't bring you back from the ground that is holding you in....

I was only thirteen, I didn't how to begin.

Now you haunt my dreams, even when I'm not asleep too...

I see you standing there even when I'm in school,

staring at everyone wishing it was them too.

You said you want me with you but I can't leave them yet

I know you miss me Angel but you have to see,

I'm not ready yet.

It hurt when you left me because now I'm here, 

Dealing with this depression alone.

I'm sorry Angel,

But I'll see you again in another life time,

But right now. 

I just want to say goodbye.

Not forever but right now.

I love you Angel and I'll never forget you.

You were the first girl I ever loved 

But baby

you need to cross over.

And Ill see you soon



This poem is about my best friend that killed herself when we were thirteen, 

this is the second part of it and I just want to say that

If you ever have or had a best friend

And she or he is going though depression 

help her or him 

Because you never know when it is to late

I should have done the same for Angel 

But didn't know how

her story is..

well I'll write it and post it

I got to get her off my chest because even tho she is apart of me I want her to cross

Yes I can see her every day and night 

And it scares me to say this 

but I cant sleep at night knowing that she is in my room watching me sleep 

But like I said 

If you have a best friend and she or he is depressed save them from themselves before its to late 

because you may never know what they will do.... 

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