Running For Perfection

Lily Carter doesn't love herself. She hates her body and isn't happy with it. So what does she do? She changes herself. She eats healthier and runs.
While on a run she meets Harry Styles, a cross country superstar.
They only see each other once a day when they go on their runs and they build a friendship.
But what happens when a girl and guy become friends? They will eventually fall in love.


2. This Isn't So Bad.......... Not!

    "Hey everybody!" my alarm blared. I groaned and checked my phone. 7:00 A.M. I pulled myself out of bed. This was definitely the hardest part. Separating me from my bed seemed an impossible task. But I was determined to stick to my schedule. I put on my sweats and a t-shirt and laced up my Nikes. I managed to control my unruly hair into a crazy ponytail and walked out into the kitchen. 

   I ate an orange and had a glass of water before grabbing one and heading outside. I stretched a bit, plugged in my ear buds and started jogging. I can't believe I'm doing this. I mean I have ran before, but it felt so good to move my legs again. It felt good for about half a mile then my legs started getting a bit sore. I was sweating a little and the sweats weren't helping. I should've worn shorts, but I was too self conscious of my legs, as usual.

   I focused on my breathing and running to the pace of the music. 

   C'mon Lily keep going. Only a simple two miles, you can do it! A voice in my head encouraged. But my aching limbs told me otherwise. 

   Take a break, slow down. Why are you doing this it hurts?

  I shook off the negative thoughts. My legs just hurt because I haven't ran in ages. It will get some getting used to, but once I stop I know I won't be able to go again.

  You can rest once you get home, I told myself.

   After the mile run I reached Walden's Hiking Park. It was a beautiful place to go hiking. It looked especially beautiful at night when you were at the top of the biggest mountain looking down at the city lights. I wasn't even going to attempt running that mountain. Not yet.

   Instead I ran up the smaller mountain. The slopes of the mountains were hard. Running up took so much energy away from me. It was a good thing I decided to run in the morning when the sun wasn't at it's worse. Lord knows I wouldn't survive.

   Sweat poured down my neck and although it was tough I breathed in the fresh morning air. 

   On the fourth slope, halfway there, I wanted to stop.

   Why? Why am I putting myself through this? I could be at home binge watching How I met Your Mother in my p.j.'s. Just stop! My mind and body screamed at me.

   "C'mon you can do it!" a deep, smooth like chocolate voice said. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked next to me to find a sweaty guy who was towering over me. He wasn't even breaking a sweat as he slowed down his pace to mine. He gave an encouraging, drop dead gorgeous smile.

   "I know you can do it, keep pushing," he said again. His words encouraged a determined voice in my head.

   No one said it would be easy. You gotta push and keep going. Keep going! 

  I pumped my arms and pushed myself to finish the hills till I reached the top. I finished the next three as fast as I could. One, because I wanted to get it done with and push myself and two, because I didn't want this guy see me as a weak, fat girl who can't even run a hill. By the way, why was he still with me?

   Once I reached the top I took a deep breath. I decided not to sit and rest because if I did I wouldn't be able to get back up. 

   "Dang girl you sure are fast," the boy commented as he placed his hands on his knees and looked up at me with a cute little smile. I had to turn my face away to hide my blush. He was too cute. 

   "You don't have to to do that for me," I managed to say between my embarrassing heavy breathing.

  "Do what?" he innocently asked me.

   "Tell me that I'm a good runner when I'm clearly not."

   "Ok," he replied. He stood up and stretched and I had to distract myself from looking at his stomach that was very clearly toned. His shirt was soaked in sweat and it clung to his muscles. I could actually see a few tattoos through the shirt. His hair was tied up in a man bun that actually looked amazing, He was so hot. I think I'm gonna die.

   Oh my gosh! 

   "Can I run back with you?" he asked.

    "Ummm sure?" I replied. It came out more like a question. He smiled and started running back down the hill.

    "You coming?" he asked. I ran down after him.

   "So why is a beautiful girl such as yourself running all alone in the park?" he asked. 

    I huffed a bit and tried to steady my breathing to talk with him. How does he make it look so easy? 

  "Just getting in shape," I said. Wait, did he call me beautiful? 

  "Why?" he asked.

  "Ummm for soccer," I said. It was partly true. Again, beautiful?

  "Cool," he said. He wasn't even breaking a sweat. How is it not hard for him? I mean I know we're running downhill, but my stomach hurts and my ribs ache when I breath. I stretched my arms around trying to ease the ache, but it wasn't working.

   "What is it?" he asked. 

    "Uh, I have a bad cramp."

    "Dehydration," he answered simply. "Just drink some more water and you'll be fine."

    "Thanks," I heaved. Then came those bad thoughts.

   Could he see my bat wings jiggling as I ran? Was my stomach doing the same? Did I look like a sweating, couch potato? Thank God I wore sweats or he would've seen these ugly thunder thighs.

  When we reached the bottom we stopped at the entrance at the park. 

  "Well I'll see ya again tomorrow?" he asked.

  I nodded confused. Why would he want to see me again?

  He smiled brightly at me and his green eyes twinkled. He ran off at his normal pace, which was probably my sprint, in the opposite direction. I shook my head and silently thanked him. I don't know why, but I felt grateful that he was supporting me.



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