Running For Perfection

Lily Carter doesn't love herself. She hates her body and isn't happy with it. So what does she do? She changes herself. She eats healthier and runs.
While on a run she meets Harry Styles, a cross country superstar.
They only see each other once a day when they go on their runs and they build a friendship.
But what happens when a girl and guy become friends? They will eventually fall in love.


4. Sunday Funday!

   The doorbell rang and I ran to the bathroom to check my hair one last time. I put on a blue dress and left my hair down. After a few weeks of running and everything I felt healthy and beautiful. I liked the progress I was making and, to be honest, I even looked better.

   My skin had a healthy glow. I didn't feel sluggish and lazy all the time. I was full of energy and my parents even said that I look happier.

    I wasn't so self conscious about myself around Harry, or anyone, anymore. In fact they didn't even acknowledge my looks in a mean, spiteful way. The accepted it.

   Harry understood my problem and didn't judge or make fun of me or anything. I smiled at the thought of having a friend for the summer. The doorbell rang again and I rushed towards the door. I pulled my hair down to one side and took a deep breath.

   I opened the door and there was Harry. He wore a navy blue shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a few of the top buttons unbuttoned. He wore grey pants and had a bouquet of flowers. His hair tied up away from his face. I smiled so widely I must have looked like a maniac.

   "Hey good looking," he greeted.

   "Watcha got cooking?" I finished and winked at him. Did I actually just wink at him? =0 Oh my gosh!

   He laughed, gave me a hug and walked in. "The flowers are for you and your mom, but mostly you," he said with a wink.

   I took them and thanked him.

   "Lily who is it?" My mom asked from the kitchen.

   "It's Harry, mom!" I cried. I heard two pairs of feet running towards the front door. My mom was there with flour in her hair and hot sauce on her face. My dad bolted in with a shocked look on his face.

   "For you, Mrs. Carter," Harry said as he handed her the bouquet. My mom gave me knowing look. I scoffed and rolled my eyes, but I couldn't help the smile creeping onto my face, along with the heat of a blush.

   "Why thank you Harry, you're very sweet! My daughter does not stop talking about you," she gushed as she winked at me like she was helping me.

   "Mother!" I whispered yell. She laughed and walked back into the kitchen.

   "Harry, nice to meet you," my dad said as they shook hands. "You watch football?"

   "Is Kapernick the worse quarterback in football?" He replied. My dad laughed and clapped his hand on Harry's back as he ushered him to the living room. He turned around and gave me a thumbs up as he left.

   I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a water as my mom just stood there looking at me.

   "What?" I asked.

   "He likes you for," My mom cooed. I laughed and actually blushed. "I mean it, Lily. He's genuinely kind hearted and thoughtful. I saw the way he looked at you."

   I knew that. He's always nice and not dirty or mean like the other guys. He actually likes me! Like personality and everything.  


   The boys watched football while my mom and I continued cooking while listening to our favorite singer, Justin Timberlake. She left to go to the bathroom and Harry walked in.

   "I love your dad!" he said. "He's so much fun and we both love the Niner's!"

   I laughed at him as he picked at the sides for my mom's famous tacos. I swatted his hand and he whined, cradling his hand to his chest. 

   "Owwwww." His face was so adorable.

   "No picking," I scolded him.

   "Fine," he huffed as he sat on one of the bar stools and leaned forward on the counter. I did the same on the opposite side.

   We ended up having a staring contest. I stared into his green eyes and was instantly lost. Which was how I won. I whooped as I fist bumped myself and did a little dance. 

   He laughed and joined me. He grabbed my hand and we danced like the old people you see in the movies. He spun me around and we just laughed. My mom and dad joined us and soon we were all dancing. It was a little weird. We ended up having a competition,which my parents won. They were professional dancers back in their day so of course they did. 

   After dinner Harry had to leave. My parents begged him to come over more often, and that he was invited anytime. He accepted and laughed as I walked him to the door. 

   "You're parents are so much fun," he smiled. "I had a great time."

   "Haha same for me. Thank you Harry."

   He smiled softly at me and did the most outrageous thing ever. He kissed me on the cheek!

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