Running For Perfection

Lily Carter doesn't love herself. She hates her body and isn't happy with it. So what does she do? She changes herself. She eats healthier and runs.
While on a run she meets Harry Styles, a cross country superstar.
They only see each other once a day when they go on their runs and they build a friendship.
But what happens when a girl and guy become friends? They will eventually fall in love.


3. A Date?

      Every morning was the same for the next few weeks. I woke up and ran and Mr. Perfect, whose name was Harry, would run with me. I actually kind of enjoyed it. He always greeted me with "Good morning beautiful" or "Hey pretty lady". Then he would encourage me when it got tough. By the end of the first week I had conquered that small hill. Now were focusing on a hill twice the size of the first one.

   "You know what," he started. It was Saturday morning and there were a lot more people hiking than usual. "I think you're ready to conquer Deathly Mountain."

   "Deathly Mountain?"

   "Yeah, the big one over there that looks like Mt. Everest. That's what my buddies and I called it when we ran cross country here," he said with a bright smile revealing pearly white teeth.

   "Ha! I can conquer that. In like a year! There's no way I can do that now," I said as we continued our normal run. 

   "You can do anything Lily." He sincerely said. I couldn't help but smile at his words. Today his hair was down in their wild curls and he was shirtless which caused me to ogle at him, more than usual.

   "What's up with you?" I asked.

  "What do you mean?"

   "I mean I'm a complete stranger and you come up and call me beautiful and help me run. Are you like some personal trainer?" I was joking, but I kind of meant it.

  "First off I like to think of us as friends now," he said. I nodded in agreement.

   "Well if you really want to know you remind me of my friend Liam. Last year he was known as the chubby kid. Guys would make fun of him and he decided he needed to change. So my buddies and I all joined the cross country team and we ran here. So when I saw you it reminded me of Liam, but I was a bit puzzled as to why a beautiful girl such as yourself was running like this? Maybe you like to run, or you're like my friend, changing for others, which you shouldn't. I don't know. But to be honest I'm actually, sort of, kinda starting to like you, a lot." He placed his hand on the back of his neck, embarrassed by his confession as a light pink blush graced his face.

  I blushed and looked away. He liked me and was blushing. "Well if you want to know my reasons I will gladly tell you Sunday afternoon at my house."

  "Lily, are you asking me on a date?" he asked. He ran his hand through his hair as he amusement filled his green eyes.

 "No. I'm asking if you want to hang out when I'm not sweaty and look like a pig." I laughed.

  "Well I would love to hang out with you." he smiled. I smiled back and raced him up the hill. Can you guess who won?


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