Jay the ninja

A guy named Jay learned that he was in a ancient ninja family.4th wall breaking bad ass.

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4. when at home

When I got home i got my ass riped by my parents.(Dad name Juan Reyes Moms name Grace Reyes two really high ninjas in the place of things)

"Jay Where have you been we have been waiting on you forever now what happened" My mom said to as i got home

"I have....." I said as my mom stop me there

"you got in to a fight didn't we told you no fight" She said as I left for my room "you answer me when i ask a question young man"she talked louder in a different tone of voice.

"Yes i got in to a fight so what is wrong with that okay" I said back with a look of a tiger. 

"No you will not fight back with me sir or you will be grounded for six weeks" she said back to me.

"okay i will tell you the story okay happy nowtell you a dinner."I said back.My mom can go to the exteme when she is angry.

When i get to the dinner table i told my parents the hole story and how it happened.

They where not the happiest people with me but not fully mad ether.  


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