Jay the ninja

A guy named Jay learned that he was in a ancient ninja family.4th wall breaking bad ass.

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2. This Is When It gets Fun

              (Okay i bet that you want to know what happen will here u go) Okay he tried to get in face a kid told me to watch for him. he told me his name was Jimmy bold (what kind of last name is that?)he is a big boy but not the smartest kid in the bunch but he was a mean one (get the it?). The kid that told me was named Adam he was chill . The talk with Jimmy went like this.

"Hey you Jay is it " Jimmy yelled at me(wow).

"what do you want?"I told he. 

"So you are new and you think you run this do you"He told me.

"No really i just want to have fun . You look you are form one for the work out ads you know those ones right?"I said

"and you have a mouth to"he said

"may be i don't know" as i left to go home "bye see you tomorrow ".

"you little " he mumble.

I just gave him the middle finger i don't care he can't hurt me. On the way home (i know i can walk) he tried to punch me in the face( this guy?) it was funny he is really slow at punching . 

" so you came back after getting embarrassed" i said to him

he throws a other punch i block it easily.

"Yes you didn't even embarrassed me! did you?" he yelled 

(this guy is really stupid)As keep trying to hit me.

"so are going to punch back or no" he snared 

"maybe if you hit me " I told him back

(And next chapter will tell what happened i know you hate me for that or do you?)  



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