Jay the ninja

A guy named Jay learned that he was in a ancient ninja family.4th wall breaking bad ass.

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3. Okay This is When it is Fun

3.Okay This is When it is Fun

    (okay it has been a long time but this is what happened)

"Come on let me hit you" Jimmy said as he was getting tired.

"Really you have miss me like a million times (50 but how is counting)" I told him.

"Here hit me in the arm so i can hit you back"I said as i put my arm out.(First bad guy come on)

As i put my arm out he hit as hard as he could he was not even sweating look like all of his energy cam back don't know how. He was punching a lot faster and harder after that. It was getting a lot harder to doge to.Then him hit me out of no where in the belly that hurt very bad after that. Got up and filet like a different person more a aware of every thing.

"How do like that you little twig"Jimmy said angrily.

"That was nothing come give me more now i am ready." I said back now pissed off.

I give him a low kick and finish with a punch to the face some how he blocked it (that boy can move fast).He punch back blocked it but he hit in the gut with is left hand.Some thing my dad told me was to never underestimate your opponent. Every thing was weird i thought I saw koalas and turtles hugging(wtf).

"like that" As spits on the floor next to me.

" You really are stupid you no why?" I told him as i got up

"How because you did not hit me when i was on the floor,...Why didn't you hit for." I asked has I hit him in the belly.

'Because you are a good fight i wanted to fight more with you not end it there."He said holding his belly .

As I come in with the knee of awesomeness to his face (with a Jacky Chan nosie feel like a boss.

"Sorry had to end this here I would fight more but i got to get home my parents will Jacky Chan my ass." I said running home. 

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