Fangirls Fangirling

Fangirls always fangirl over stuff.


3. New Girl

There is a new girl, her name is Alex! She is super nice, beautiful, and a hard worker! She is a new recruit, so I started to train her, and she is training really hard. Alex is working on finding out what 5SOS is up to?

Alex-"I just found out what 5SOS is up to! They are in Hong Kong doing a concert, at the AsiaWorld-Expo Hall 10! 5SOS is doing their Sounds Live Feels Live Tour!"

We have been tracking what they are up to for a few weeks now, and Luke Hemmings has a girlfriend, Arzaylea, she has made him miss a soundcheck, and they have been spotted in different places in Japan? That means she is starting to take over his life from the band, and fans? Not if I have any say,Alex says as if she had read my thoughts out of thin air.






Go to my profile Luke_95 and Follow me please, then at the end of the year I will post a Movella telling you if Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea broke up or are still together??? Tune into that!!! Hope you liked this chapter!!! Comment down below because I wanna know if you like Arzaylea or na??? Go to my page harrystyles500 and follow me too.


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