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4. Ariana Grande FanFiction

There are many fans of Ariana Grande! There may not be many stories on her, but I am gonna dedicate this one to her. I personally like her myself, but people don't give her enough credit, so we have sent in Alex to interview Ariana.

Alex- "Do you feel you get enough credit in your life from the fans?" I asked her nicely.

Ariana- "I do feel like I get credit from the fans, but some of the fans give me lots of credit. I feel each fan should give their Idol lots of credit for the music they produce for the fans. We spend hours writing songs, then we have to sing the songs, after that we have to get the album approved. Also, we have to design a cover for the cases, then ship it to stores, and that could take weeks, or even months?" I told her truthfully.

Alex- "Wow! You heard that from the Ariana herself. Do you feel that the fans could turn on you for saying that?" I asked Ariana.

Ariana- "If the fans want to turn on me for what I said, they can, I have supporters/other fans to help me keep writing the songs I do. I love the fans, and if they love me then Let's make more music!" I told her what I thought.

Alex- "You heard that from Ariana Grande, Back to you guys." I said peacefully.



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