Lost Orphan

This is a story of two sisters who's parents have been murder and have finally been adopted by the murders?


4. Chapter 4

Well I thought I could trust Andy enough to ask her,How does Cindy know so much about me? Andy said she knows everything about everyone she said.Well we should figure out more about her I said as tears rolled down my eyes I thought you said that you didn’t want to get revenge Well I thought about it and she yelled out the fact that my parent died and that I’m adopted. Andy had a huge evil grin well I like the sound of that Lily but you need more than just finding more information and yelling it out use it as blackmail Andy said I would just feel so bad to blackmail her. Jackson moved a seat behind me and Andy and said I’m really sorry about about Cindy she is my girlfriend When I heard that I wanted to lay down and die Andy gave me a since look. Oh she your girlfriend shouldn't you know how it control you stupid little girlfriend Jackson shouldn't you know better then to let her roll over someone else that wasn't cool of her and you could of stopped her but you sat there and you watched her I got up out of my seat and ran to the bathroom. Andy of course ran after me and brought the bathroom pass with her. I cried two times in one day this was the worst first day of my life I never want to go back there and of course Cindy rides my bus witch means that more bullying for her to do but every time Cindy tries to bully me Andy always stick up for me it's nice having someone to always be there for me. We finally made it off of the bus I asked Andy if she wanted to just come over to my house to plan our revenge for Cindy. I'm not usually a person to try to get back for much but for I will plan revenge. Well my idea of evil and Andy idea of evil are two different ideas Andy's evil is actually really evil she wanted to tell the whole school that he fathers company is fake and could be going to jail My idea of evil was to tell the school that her hair is fake. Andy also wanted to but that her mother always wished that she never gave birth to her. Well we went with my idea because I wanted revenge but I didn't want to become a bully or Andy. I have so much on my mind again I thought leaving the orphanage would be good but I would rather be in orphanage, I was thinking about a lot of things but the biggest thing that kept running through my head was that Jackson went out Cindy. My crush is dating my worst enemy I don't know if I should be talking to him right now. Andy said i shouldn't worry about it at all. She Keeps asking me haven't you seen the movies the boyfriends always break up with them to be with you for some reason I keep hoping that day will come soon. Now i'm upset because I never got to work on my parent and they should always come first. Sorry mom and dad.



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